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Stress seems to be an inevitable part of our life. The majority of people goes through stress. Is there any way to live a stress-free life?. Yes! The below ways will help you to clear your mind of stress.

10 Refreshing ways to clear your mind of stress


Smile releases chemicals in the brain called serotonin and dopamine and will change your mood. It works even if you are faking it. Smile at people to boost your energy and even of other people when they smile back at you.

2. Get a Dog

Get a Dog
A dog in your house can aid you in stress. It eases anxiety too. The dog can be your best companion and build comfort and confidence since you will not feel left out or alone in this world.

3. Take a 10 minutes walk

 Take a 10 minutes walk
In the world of technology, I know it is quite difficult to plug out computers, laptops, mobiles, etc and just go on a walk. Whenever you are stressed, take out time for your yourself step out and take a walk through any green space. The color will relax your body and mind both.

“Keep calm and breathe deeply”

4. Meditation

Meditation is a simple act of breathing to release all the unwanted energies, stress and helps you to focus and have a clear picture of things. There are phenomenal benefits of meditation.
Research shows that can be helpful in facilitating forgiveness and letting go of rumination and negative emotions. The easiest way is simply sitting in a relaxed position and focus breathing.

5. Set aside a moment and give yourself permission to stop thinking

Set aside a moment and give yourself permission to stop thinking
If setting aside your thoughts were so easy I know you would have done that earlier. But try doing this once and you will be surprised.
Stress and negative thoughts are not real, they are just like a shadow or projection. So, you need to take them so seriously. Give your command, the command, that you are awesome and there’s nothing to worry. Give this command again and again. The best way to clear your mind of stress is to stop thinking of unnecessary thoughts.

6. Read a great book

 Read a great book
Take this time to read and learn new things, including the reason behind your stress. When a read a book(motivational) you not only read it but starts experiencing it.

So select the right book which takes you away from all the worries and problems of your life. And, gives you a better living reason.

“Dear stress, Let’s break up”

7. Imagine yourself in a relaxed state of mind

Imagine yourself in a relaxed state of mind.
Imagination is not real, but it does give a pleasant feeling in your body and mind. Imagine you are in a relaxed state of mind. Imagine you are able to handle all the issues beautifully. Love yourself, your body, your soul and everything that’s around you. You need not imagine yourself in a bathtub or wearing a hot dress etc. But if this relaxes your mind. Go ahead.

8. Write down your thoughts in a diary or journal

 Write down your thoughts in a diary or journal
If you are able to express your feelings and thoughts to others then start writing it down. Yes, a diary can be someone’s best friend. And, you can just be yourself without a feeling of getting ashamed or shy for any reason.
Not only write down your bad thoughts but also write what you learned from them and how it affects you. Later on, write how you achieved your target.
When things go wrong, you can turn back pages and tell yourself like everything this too shall pass by.

Stress–  Relax”

9. Unplug technology

Unplug technology
Stress, lack of sleep and depression can be associated with the long use of computers late at times. Since one cannot completely avoid the use of technology, try taking some breaks at regular interval. Also, read the impact of social technology on our lives.
10. Sing and dance

Sing and dance

Yeah, you read it right. Singing and dancing refresh your mind. You feel happy when you dance. You are live and boosted when you dance. It changes your mood and alleviates your mind. Listening to a good song also releases happy go hormone and that’s how it reduces stress.
These simple ways to reduce stress are definitely worth giving a trial.
Let us know what you feel by giving your thoughts.

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