12 awesome tricks which will make you Pokemon go Master

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12 awesome tricks which will make you Pokemon go Master

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Pokemon go has been so viral nowadays and the craze for Pokemon go has been only growing. I see so many people around hunting for Pokemon. But, do you everything about Pokemon go?. There are many tricks that the game doesn’t tell you and unfortunately you are unaware if those Pokemon go tips. So, I have for you some Pokemon go tips and tricks you should know. Check this out.


Become a Pokemon Go Master- Here’s how to catch em all.


12. What do the footprints indicate?

What do the footprints indicate?

The misconception about the footprints is that it denotes popularity and you will see more footprints near basic Pokemon. Let me tell you that the footprints represent the distance.


How footprints represents distance?. When you boot up Pokemon Go, it notes your real world position (using GPS). If you see 3 footprints, it would be 300 meters from where you are. Similarly, 2 is for 200 and 1 is 100 and less.


Since you are only dealing with a radius from starting point, Which direction you are walking towards does not effect the footprints. As you get closer to your target you will notice the nearby window fluctuating and changing as you go and the icons next to the specific Pokemon starts counting down.


11.Trade Duplicate Pokémon For Candy




Sometimes when you travel you will come across a host of similar Pokemon.


How to proceed? Now, hop in your Pokémon viewer (Pokéball button, then left icon), pick a Pokémon and scroll down.


From here, select ‘Transfer’ and the Professor will take the creature off your hands, returning ‘Candy’ relating to the ‘family’ of Pokémon in return.


You can use these candies to force Evolutions, and increase Combat Power.So when you are loaded with duplicate monsters you can expand up your main team by simply trading as explained above.


10. Daily  Claim freebies In The Shop




You need to have the stock of Pokeballs. And, so may have to go real world shop locations.


But this is not the complete case. Thankfully!. When you hop into the shop menu from  the Pokéball icon does open up a world of micro-transactions.
Now look to the top right and to the ‘shield’ icon.


Well, you can tap this for daily bonus (once a day). Those who were still unaware and have already missed this. Not to worry! The number in the middle denotes how many ‘freebies’ you’re yet to claim


9. You can catch Pokemon by standing still




I have not written this by mistake. Yes, you can catch Pokemon by standing still. You try to catch the Pokemon by running and walking around. And that’s how most of you have been playing. Niantic has set up the world to constantly bounce off Google Map data and their own servers, meaning that walking and running will trigger various monsters.  However, if you stand still you will see any Pokemon within a short radius pop up.


Walking around for 100 meters or so and then taking five minutes and letting that part of the world ‘load in’ is the best way to play. Probably  a Pokemon will pop up at random intervals. So always take a small break to see what’s hiding.


8. What does the color of ring reveal?




You have probably noticed various colored rings trapping and widening around your competitor.


Do you know what does this mean? These rings states the difficulty level of the creature to capture. In other words, how easy or difficult it is to capture the creature. Next time you see a green ring, wait till becomes the smallest before throwing. If you follow this you will definitely catch your prey. You  can even alter the size by holding the Pokemon with your finger which will shrink the ring when it appears. If you do so before tossing your ball out, will almost always connect


Orange and red rings indicate that you have to calm the Pokemon at first. Otherwise, they will break back out and you would just waste items along the way.


You can also purchase or find berries that will help you to turn threat rings back to green. And of course it helps you to snap them up with ease.


7. Have you used  the New Pokémon Radar Map to reveal the Rare Pokémons?

Know the location of the rare Pokemon.

Here’s something really interesting!. The new Pokemon radar app is almost like google maps.
Powered by players, poke radar is an app that makes use of information received by players around the globe so that entire map of Pokémon information is revealed and available for players all at once. Seriously a crazy game of 21st century. Isn’t it?


Pokemon radar helps you to locate a Pokemon by looking at other trainers. In addition, You can even know how others found their Pokemon’s with details of time and location.


6. How to recover your data?

How to recover your data?

Most of you would have experienced a game crash, including me. The biggest disappointment is that when I booted back in the PokeDex and all progress was wiped. Although the appearance was same.




To overcome this, find a way to close Pokemon GO completely, rather than leaving it active.


All data is saved to Niantic’s servers constantly, which means your progress wasn’t lost. It is merely ‘unretrievable’.


Rather than turning a modem off and on You just need to close and reopen the app. It prompts a fresh connection and restores all the lost data. Yeah!


The Next time you have a game crash, just follow this.


5. Know the location of the rare Pokemon.

 Know the location of the rare Pokemon.

I have already explained you above about the Pokemon radar app. This app reveals rare Pokemons. Here, you can search for a creature which pinpoints the locations of various Pokémon’s, even the rare ones. In addition, this app also shows the Tips used by other players. But, some gamers post wrong tips. So beware!


If you could see the time and date, then they are the genuine ones. In fact, You can vote down when you don’t find a Pokemon at a tipped location. This way you can avoid any false tipster.


4. The right way to Throw A Curveball

The right way to Throw A Curveball

Simply hold on the Pokeball and make a rotating motion until it sparkles.


Once it sparkles let it fly – and most likely miss – but eventually you’ll get the hang of it. Combine with a Lucky Egg to double your base XP, and you’ll be ranked up in no time.


3. How to download New Pokémon Radar?

How to download New Pokémon Radar?

The Poke radar map has been created by developers Braydon Batungbacal and Nick DiVona. You can access the map on desktop on http://www.pokemonradargo.com/ or else look for Pokémon radar from your cell phone to download the app.


Make sure you have a backup battery pack as downloading this app will take a toll on your battery.
The drawback with Pokemon radar is that it’s an unofficial app. No guarantees on its working efficiency are provided to the player.


2. You Can Name Pokémon




Any Pokemon player should definitely know this. To name your Pokemon, Jump into the Pokemon menu, You will see a tiny pencil icon when to select a monster. Tap it and enter any name (anything you like). And you are done.


1. Save your battery using ‘Battery Saver Mode’

Save your battery using 'Battery Saver Mode'

The biggest concern of playing Pokemon go is the battery usage. As the app uses GPS tracking you can lose an entire charge in around 40 minutes.


To avoid this you can use ‘Battery Saver Mode’.


The  PowerFang notes says: “The screen will turn off, but everything else still runs. Just hold onto the phone with earphones in and it will vibrate when a wild Pokémon is near, or make a noise when you get in range of a PokéStop.”


These were the list of tips you didn’t knew about Pokemon Go.

You can also visit www.technitab.com to know the tips tricks and cheats : Pokémon GO Guide

Let me know if I missed something.


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