15 Top Amazing Vastu tips you should know

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Vastu tips for peace and prosperity


 15 Amazing Vastu tips you should know


The Vastu Shastra is a Hindu system of architecture, which involves construction of house, temple, etc. So that it brings health, wealth and prosperity. Here we preset 15 amazing Vastu tips you should know.


These Vastu tips will bring peace and prosperity to your house.


“Home is where you Learn to LAUGH to SHARE to LIVE to LOVE to FORGIVE”


“Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to”- John Ed Pearce


Your House is not just a place, it is a feeling. The place where we dream. Home interiors largely depends on the lifestyle of the people. But, it is the other way round. The design, decor and maintenance of the home influences our life. It could be good or bad!.


Why Vastu Shastra?


There are  different energies like solar energy, cosmic energy, lunar energy, thermal energy, magnetic energy, light energy, wind energy etc. These energies can upgrade peace and prosperity. If the house is as per the vastu principles, then it will bring achievements and happiness. Vice versa can have bad effects. Sometimes, it may even devastate someone. One cannot get a house which is 100% Vastu Shastra based. But, you need to make sure that do not follow any practice which brings bad results. Things can always be adjusted.


Ensure, whether your home does not have anything which is against Vastu Shastra. I know it is not possible for a common man to understand the principles of Vastu. To make this simpler, we have come up with some Vastu Tips for you. 


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15 Amazingly effective Vastu tips you should know


1 .Use wind chimes, as the tinkling bells help to break Negative Energy Patterns and help the positive energy to flow easily.

Vastu tips for home


2. Proof your kitchen against all evils. You can do so by keeping medicines away from the kitchen.
Vastu tips for home


3. Do not keep Broken Glass, Broken Mirror and Broken Images or statue of Gods and Goddesses in your home.


Vastu tips for home


4. Place a mirror in front of your cash locker so that the image of the locker gets reflected in the mirror. It doubles wealth.


Vastu tips for home


5. Bonsai is the most inauspicious for wealth or luck as it symbolizes stunted growth and energy.


Vastu tips for home


6. Do not have arched doors and windows as they distort the energy flow.


Vastu tips for home


7. If you are facing problems in your married life, using green color will surely improve things.


Vastu tips for home


8. Put up a picture of a woman playing the Veena, violin or the flute in your home and feel the free flow of the auspicious positive energy, full of love and understanding within the family.


Vastu tips for home



We are not done yet. Keep reading!


9. No mirrors should be placed directly facing the bed in the bedroom. It is the main reason of marriages getting crowded.

Vastu tips for home


10. Paint your kids study room with subtle and light tints to make the student active. It also enhances mind powers.


Vastu tips for home


11.The bed should never be a metal or a wrought iron one. Preferably, use a wooden bed to ease any tension between partners.


Vastu tips for home


12. Place holy Ganga Jal in the dark and unused corners of the house. this needs to be changed every week. Placing holy water helps the inflow of positive energy.


Vastu tips for home


13. Keep Fresh flowers in a vase on the east side of work desk. It is important that the flower arrangement has little buds they represent new beginnings. Also, change these flowers regularly as wilting flowers signifies deterioration.


Vastu tips for home


14.Sharp edged tables should be avoided in conference or meeting rooms.


Vastu tips for home


15. Try to eat meals with the family, this creates a sense of togetherness and unity. Also, if possible, try to eat in the kitchen of your home (if the kitchen is big enough) this’ll reduce the ill effects of Rahu.


Vastu tips for home


I hope you will try to use these Vastu tips in your life and make your house a happy home.
Keep working hard for your better future.




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