How to buy a new Motorcycle: Buyers Guide

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How to buy a new Motorcycle: Buyers Guide

Ok, so you’re planning to buy a motorcycle. How wonderful! It’s always good to have a new motorcycle if you wish. And, since you would be the first owner, you don’t to be worried about the neglect of the motorcycle, servicing or modification, wear and tear etc. A brand new motorcycle means a full warranty. The only drawback is the cost of the motorcycle. But that’s all worth it. Isn’t it?

If you are planning to purchase a new Motorcycle, Then the below points would definitely help you to make the right purchase. There are many things one has to consider while purchasing a motorcycle. I have covered to cover the most important ones.


How to buy a new Motorcycle.


Do I really need a Motorcycle?

Now this is the first ever question you need to ask yourself. Do you need a motorcycle and why? How will it affect your life. Do some research about all pros and cons and then come to any decision. I would tell you to take advice of your family. Even they will be affected by your decision. If you think buying a motorcycle will help you to for transportation, fun etc. And your pocket also allows you then go for it. Of course you should also know how to Ride it and take license too.


How Do I intend to Ride?

So, now you have made the decision of purchasing a bike. What’s next. What type of bike do you wish? More importantly, What type of Rider are you. The Kind of riding you are interested will help you to make the right purchase. If you are, the more adventurous type, then you can go ahead for cruiser Motorcycle. fast and furious people, then Sport bike will work for you. If you are the one who likes touring and enjoys the real fun of slow driving, then a touring Motorcycle will suit you. Other than the mechanical and performance attributes even these points should be considered.


What is your Budget?

Now, this is one of the most important. You don’t have to go for those expensive bikes just for show off. Yes, If affordable you should definitely go for it. So, what things should you keep in mind while purchasing a motorcycle.
Step no 1 is preparing a monthly Budget. Trust me it will solve many of your problems. Know your Cash assets. Write down all the Expenses and subtract it from the income. The remainder is not the amount still you have the minus a portion of safety margin. Your safety margin will not include any additional expenses (Registration, insurance, maintenance, fuel, etc.) Multiply the monthly Amount you calculated after safety margin by the number of months you will pay for the motorcycle (maximum 60 months). If you compare the purchase price and remaining cash assets and if you think it is affordable then you can purchase it


Also, dealers charge many charges. Make sure you are not fooled by anyone. Also, do not hesitate to ask different dealers and compare prices.


Which bike is for me?

In the Earlier paragraph I have already discussed the half of this. Also, there are some key factors like your weight, engine size, riding position, comfortable seats etc. If its your First motorcycle, then do not go for large bikes because it will be hard for you to handle and you may be injured.


You can sit on the motorcycle and see whether you are able to touch the ground. If no, then it is tall for you. Go for the Most comfortable one. You can research as per your Riding abilities. Check out the reviews and accordingly decide whether you want to purchase a cruiser, sport bike, dual-sport, Enduro, scooter etc. Your Three criteria should be fulfilled Enjoyment, Purpose and safety.


Visit a dealership (don’t hesitate to compare with other dealers)

 Once you know what type of Motorcycle you wish Then visit Dealers. Remember! You are meeting the dealer to   know about the best motorcycle for you. If you like it only then you will purchase it. Some dealers play games with you. Do not get pushed by them for any purchase you don’t want to make. Also, You may think of one motorcycle, but eventually end up liking some other motorcycle. Its pretty Normal! Dealers know about the Motorcycle well. Also, be clear about all the paper work, service, warranty. Some dealers charge assembling fees and what not. So be clear on this term. After proper analysis not only from one dealer, but multiple dealers if you are 100 % sure only then purchase it.



Imagine, you are paying dollars for something and it’s damaged.
Sad!. When you are paying for a motorcycle don’t rely on the dealer that he must have checked everything. You should visually check everything. If you do not have enough knowledge then take someone with you.  Some damages include loose bolts, over tightened and damaged bolts, improper drive chains, under inflated tires, incorrectly routed cables and brake lines, improperly positioned and adjusted the controls, loose fenders, hand guards, loose wires and electrical connectors, incorrectly assembled, incorrect fasteners and minor showroom or transport damage etc.


If after getting your motorcycle, home, you inspect any problem, Take it back and get it fixed.


Take a Test Ride

My list would be incomplete if I skip this one. This will have a major effect on your purchase of a particular motorcycle. All those points explained above like your type of Ride, weight, etc. Can be determined by a test drive. You will understand how the motorcycle performs when you take the motorcycle around. Check gears, brakes, accessories etc. As always, ride with DOT approved gear.


Financial Options

Money is always the most important factor when you buy something. Find out the financial options available. The amount you are paying is more that the sticker price. Don’t get surprised. I am talking about the interest. You also have to pay and happily live. You can also consult the finance specialist at dealership about the financing options.


Try and work the best deal with your salesmen to get your best bang for your buck.



Research on the insurance rates. Like there are so many motorcycles options there are many insurance options. So you have to be careful while selecting insurance coverage options. I would recommend you to select higher limits for additional protection. You also need insurance, in order to register your motorcycle. While you are riding make sure you have your registration and insurance documents.


Storage and gear

Keep your motorcycle locked near your home or garage. Keep it safe. Protect it with a cover and locking security system. Re ensure if wheel locks, rotor locks and chains are all working well. You can also use GPS tracking devices in case of theft.


Gear are for your safety. Use only DOT approved gear likes boots, helmets, jacket etc. Protect your eyes and ears with some protective eye wear and hearing protection. Enjoy your Ride and Be Safe.


Happy and safe Riding.


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