Car maintenance: stop aging your car

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Car Maintenance, The real big problem of almost all the people. Everyone of us wants our car to run many miles. Everyone owns a car, But is just buying a car enough? Certainly not!. You need regular Car Maintenance. Understanding the need of the masses I thought I should definitely come up with article on Car Maintenance. I assure you that this Article for car maintenance  will save your car and your money both. Cars are just like Human beings. When they grow older they need special attention. Car  Maintenance is really important. And trust me it is not that difficult. All the time your pocket doesn’t allow you to call a mechanic. Car Maintenance involves simple steps of checking your car inside out to identify any hidden problem. Car Maintenance is not just required by the old cars. You need Car Maintenance right from the day one, Even if it is a brand new Car.  If you follow the below points, then you will not only save your car from mechanical mishaps but will also identify undiscovered problem. Why do you need a car mechanic for your Car Maintenance when you can yourself make your car run forever? If you follow the below steps periodically then your Car Maintenance will be really simple. Below are some points of how to take care for your aging car.


The moment you buy any vehicle you get the car’s service manual which is mostly neglected by the owner. Many car owners either spend very little attention or no attention for preparing maintenance schedule. I don’t know why, people mostly agree with  the recommendation of the service advisor. This could be a costly error. One should always follow  the manufacturers maintenance schedule and not the dealer’s. Those service advisors get commission for the services, so why wasting money on them. In the manual everything is clearly mentioned like when to change the automatic transmission fluid etc. The manual is prepared by the manufacturers and they exactly know what and when do it for your car. So follow it. Do not do it without checking it in the manual.
Do everything when required. In the next points you will learn how to maintain your car so that these problems can be avoided.


Clean your car inside and out.
No! I am not talking about the quick cleanup. Clean and scrub everything you can reach. For cleaning it from outside firstly make sure that the cleaning tools are all together and within your reach. Use some soap and running hose. Use a soft cloth with soapy water and wipe your car. Rinse the car with a clean water and hose. Dry the car with soft cloth. You can even apply wax  and tire shine etc. Cleaning the car from inside is equally important. Excavate all the trash, remove the spare and get into every nook and cranny of the tire well. Remember the last trip when your children ate  potato chips, remove the seat cushions to clean away those chips lying there. If possible, take out the front seats and vacuum under there (if you have technical aptitude). Cleaning your car inside and out will help to the find out the hidden problems and solve them. Really important for car maintenance.


Drive calmly and Go easy on the brakes. A constant racer attitude will only reduce your car’s road times. Your car should be completely stopped before shifting into reverse. Also, while you go back to the forward gear. When you take these actions the stress on the transmission components  can be avoided. .Make sure that you also change brakes when required.Your brakes can last longer if you follow some tips.
Drive at the correct speed. High speed can be dangerous. Use only your right foot on the brake pedal. Look enough ahead to analyze correct time stoplights. Also brake fluid needs to be changed periodically. Do not go for the cheapest brakes, but also remember expensive won’t last forever. Do not try to extend brake life. It will cost you big money and life path. Below are a few more tips for car maintenance.


Once in a while turn off your Radio and listen to any odd noise from the car. For example, if you hear some clicking noise while driving there is possibility that a nail is stuck in a tire. When You hear squeak or squeal from the engine belt, It indicates that there is heavy moisture in the air. If your car is making a clicking noise while  turning, It is likely you have a failed outer CV joint.
Sometimes there are also water pump Noises. This is difficult to diagnose. There are many other instances. If you cannot diagnose from where the noise is coming from, Take your car to the mechanic.


Not a difficult task at all!. It is just a 10 minute task. Take a rag and the engine cool in hand. Open the hood, pull out the oil dipstick,Wipe it clean, reinsert it and pull it out again for a quick check of your oil. Check the radiator overflow reservoir level, the brake cylinder reservoir, power steering fluid level. Also check the hoses and belts to identify any signs of wear or failure. Also check the transmission fluid level. Finally, when the tires cool, use a pressure gauge to make sure each tire has the proper psi, as described in the owner’s manual or in the driver’s side door jamb. For checking tire pressure use an accurate tire gauge. Ideally, it should be done in every week. But in the real world once in a month would be fine. But for tire pressure, do this every other week. If you check these things periodically then your car maintenance will me much easier.


Just like your home air conditioner, your car’s A/C can suffer buildups from mold etc. The number one question which comes is, how often should your A/C be inspected?. You will tell me this! Are you refreshed when your A/C air is pumping? If the answer is yes. Cross off the A/C inspection from your list. If your answer is “NO”. Then you need to revitalize your A/C. Just follow these simple steps.  First make sure that the air coming into the system is not passing through dust or any other accumulated grime. Then clean or change the filters. Finally, use an air conditioning deodorizer. If you find things difficult go to the mechanic. At least make your nose happy !


As your car ages, car doors seal against rubber trim that is vulnerable to tears. Because of these tears there becomes an air gap hole in the wind while you drive. Let the heat escape when it’s cold outside. Allow cold air to escape when its hot outside. Replacing these rubber strips takes patience, time and a talent for adhesives. These strips  usually inexpensive. Installing fresh ones can make your car quieter instantly. There is no need to replace the seals if the shape is right, but immediately change when brittle or ragged. The cheapest way to survive the rainy season is to replace the rubber windshield wiper blades.


If you think you can apply touch up paint and make your car look good, then the answer is yes. Certain common things should be kept in mind like  to keep these away from children, use rubber gloves, safety goggles and work in a well ventilated area. Choose the correct paint for your car. The use touch up paint could fill volumes, so use it wisely. It’s best to use it sparingly and carefully. Some people use the paint pen which is wrong. Larger areas must be sprayed. Before applying the clear coat and polishing let the base coat dry. If you find some scratches on your car, then use paint pens. Try to follow the scratch as closely as possible with the base coat.


A very important and routine thing is checking wheels and tires. Replace them when they need Replacement.
It improves both performance and appearance of your car. If your car’s tires are properly inflated then you can enjoy better performance from your car. Remember one thing people, everything your car does it does it through tires. So would you not keep your tires and wheels in the best condition? Earlier moving up to wider tires was difficult, as it was difficult to determine the correct wheel back spacing or how much rubber could fit. But today it is not the same. Now you get dozens of wheel and tire combinations tailored to your vehicle. And of course, let’s not forget the bigger tires. The most impressive way to change a car’s performance and appearance. These set wheels would obviously be expensive but still cheaper than getting a new car.


The above steps can be applied to any vehicle. But don’t get disappointed when things break down. Even with those  excellent reputations for reliability, every car parts wear out. So don’t get panic. It’s normal. Yes, You can stop aging care, but certain parts life can be extended. Every part of  the car has a life which cannot be avoided. These steps will help for your car maintenance. As and when required change those parts.


I hope this article will help you a lot for maintenance of your car. More stuff will be posted for you. Promise!



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