Facts you should know about handwriting

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What does your handwriting say about you?

The Handwriting of a person conveys a lot about their personality. When we look at the handwriting, there is the message conveyed by what was written which we read. But there is also a message, in how the writing was done: we can analysis about the personality of the writer by looking at someone’s handwriting. At the end of this article you will know the basics of handwriting analysis and so the writing of any person will reveal to you the personality traits of the writer.


For a correct handwriting analysis you need


1. Date


2. Sentence with pen


3. Signature.


How do you write?


Size of Letters


If you have large handwriting, then you want to feel understood and noticed. You are people oriented. You are outgoing people who love attention.


On the other hand, when the writer, writers in small letters you have strong focus and concentration. You are an introvert. They are mostly shy, studious and meticulous


A writer  who writes average letters are well adjusted and adaptable.

Slant letters


Many people have slanting handwriting (left,  no slant or right). Now what does that mean??

Slant Toward Right

It means the writer is heart centered, friendly, sentimental and impulsive. You highly value friends and family..You are open to new experiences and enjoy meeting new people.

Slant To The Left

You generally like to work behind the scene. And, never come out in public. You are more into yourself. They are more of “me oriented”, inward looking and reserved.

No Slant

You are more logic than emotion. You are very solid and pragmatic.

Pen Pressure


So many people put a lot of pressure on words when they write, while some losely write. A strong pressure and  light pressure will help you to understand about the personality.

Heavy Pressure

You are good with commitment and taking things seriously. If the pressure is too heavy you tend  to be uptight and can react quickly to criticism.

Light Pressure

You move easily from place to place. And, also have lack of vitality. You are sensitive and show empathy to people.


Connected Letters


Connected- If the writers connect alphabets, then the writer is logical, methodical and make decisions carefully. This also means that the writer is connected to one person to the next.

Not Connected

If they are not connected, then the writer is intelligent and intuitive. They have a strong intuition and so the person is able to perceive things about people which may not be logical.

Spacing Between Words

Large gaps

People who leave large gaps between words enjoys freedom and don’t like to be with many people. They are aware of boundaries. They are quite with a few close friends around. This does not mean that these people are rude, negative or unsocial. Sometimes creative people also need their space.

Normal spacing between words

If spacing between your words are normal, then you build healthy relationship with people. You have no confusion about how many you should keep people, close or distance them.

Less Space

While people who write words close together can’t stand to be alone and might be intrusive. They need people around them in constant touch. They are insecure and have poor time management.




Your length of cross t reveals:

Long crossers are deliberately determined, enthusiastic, have high goals and self esteem. However They tend to be stubborn and have a hard time letting things go.

Short T-crossers are lazier. You aim low and have strong insecurities and show lack of determination.
IF the writer crosses on the very top of T then you are very ambitious, optimistic and have good self esteem.
If you cross right in the middle then you are confident. They are relaxed in their own way of presenting and interacting with others.


Narrow  L

Narrow loops means the writer may be restricting himself, which could lead to feelings of tension.

Wide L loops

You are relaxed and spontaneous, self expression comes easily to you


Dotting your i’s: Position of i-dot

Exactly above the i

It shows the accuracy and perfection of the writer. Sharp memory and pay attention to details. It also reflects  a high level of concentration and ability to follow rules.

High dot

It shows imaginary ideas in the mind. Details emphasize to be realistic.

Close to i

The person takes care of the smaller details. Good for accountants, engineers etc. Who, should pay attention to minute details.

Missing dots

Lacks of attention to details. They are forgetful, careless and negligent.

Dot on left side

It is a sign of procrastination and negative attitude. This person lacks self confidence and they love to live in the past.

Dot on right side

Those who are eager to move on. They are impatient and are in a rush all the time. They want to finish off the task quickly without paying attention to precise details.

Stroke for the next letter

When the person places ” i “in such a way that he moves to the next letter without lifting the pen then this reflects the speed and creativity of a sharp mind.

The Shape of “i”


Which circle dot shows the immature nature and the crave to be seen. They want attention. You will find this handwriting style in Teenage girls.


When the dot is more of a dash, then it shows energy and irritability. They are always in speed and never checks the details. Sometimes it can also mean that the writer goes through stress, disturbed or anxious.

Commas or Arcs

These people are humorous in nature. Also, It shows the witty and the gaiety behavior of the writer.




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