‘Feng Shui’- Shift your energy, not just your furniture.

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'Feng Shui'- Shift your energy, not just your furniture.

Feng Shui- Meaning


Firstly, let us understand what does the term Feng Shui mean. This is a Chinese word: Feng (wind) and Shui (water).  As we all know Wind and water are the two natural elements that flow everywhere on the Earth.
It is the traditional art of living based on philosophy strongly rooted in Chinese history. Experts say that you should include all five elements in your home design to bring prosperity in your life.




      • Positive Energy flows at homes and in workplaces.


      • It attracts opportunities and prosperity in your life.


      • Feng Shui increases your fortune.


      • It removes or decreases negative impacts and influence in your life.



Feng Shui Tips (general tips)

Feng Shui Tips (general tips)

    • Always use logic  before making changes, first of all consider how it affects the rest of your decor. For example: do not use traditional rules such as painting your front door red, if your house was a peach or rose. It will bring disharmony.


    • Always consider safety and comfort as a  priority.


    • Remember your chi. It is our desire and love of life that will help maximize positive results. Note: chi is the word used for universal energy.


    • I see many people entering their house from the back door which is wrong. Use your front door as many times as you want.


    • Keep a fountain near the entry of your house, the most important part is that it should be flowing towards the center. This means that wealth is pouring in your house.


    • Place plants above your kitchen cabinets. If there is no place in the upper cabinet, then is good otherwise ‘chi’ will get stuck there.


    • Cover your tv if it’s in your bedroom, it will help you to sleep well. Uncovered tv may bring bad dreams.


    • Your windows symbolize your eyes to the world. Open your eyes and brighten your space keep your windows clean.



Feng Shui Tips for Garden

Feng Shui Tips for Garden

    • Home or office entrance should be open and inviting. Remove any foliage from the entrance, which is blocking the positive energy.


    • Do not keep any dead plants or dead flowers


    • Do not have any thorny bushes in the interior.


    • Keep all the corridors and entry, illuminated where there is no natural light


    • Avoid sharp buildings, wall corners pointed directly at your house


    • Hide garbage cans.



Feng Shui Tips For Bathrooms

Feng Shui Tips For Bathrooms

    • Bathrooms should be shut and toilets, cover down.


    • Toilets should never be visible from any space. Also keep the cover down to keep the good stuff from getting flushed.


    • A full length mirror on the bathroom door will make the bathroom disappear due to which the ‘chi’ gets bounced back into other rooms. So that it doesn’t escape from the toilet.


    • Use essential oils, fragrance in your bathroom.



Feng Shui Tips For Wealth and Prosperity

Feng Shui Tips For Wealth and Prosperity

    • Use Feng Shui  fountains to attract wealth. If it does not work, then use images of waterfall or rivers etc. Water is wealth energizer, but make sure it is clean and moving.


    • Place a mirror in such a way that it reflects dining table, this means that you have got abundant for you and your family.


    • Place metal wind chimes or gold and silver coins tied with red ribbons in north direction.


    • There should not be bathroom/toilet, kitchen in the north.


    • If there is a bedroom in the southwest, then make sure not to keep any water feature, mirrors and plants in there.


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