7 things you should know before wearing gemstone

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7 things you should know before wearing gemstone

Gemstones resides as a significant aspect in astrology. They fulfill our desire and helps us in various aspects of life. Gemstones are not just a glittering stone for fashion. Gemstones reduces or avoid the negative impact of any Planets in our lives. These glittering gemstones spread brighter with the help of mysterious and lurked relationships with their revolving bodies in the sky. Wearing  gemstones influences the Dhatus and the Psychophysical well-being. But any gemstones in any finger will not work out. Wear gemstones as prescribed in Vedic astrology as per the horoscope with the correct method.


Each finger is related to different planets and therefore, any gemstones can’t be worn on any finger. Similarly  There is also a distinction between the right and left hand. The right hand is solar and the left hand is lunar. It is helpful in understanding the relationship of gemstones with the human organism. In his life, human  faces a lot of difficult situations in his life. This difficulties and hindrances are caused due to planets. In some cases planets may be weak and may not have much potential to give you a happy and fulfilling life. The human body is stated to be an island of nine gems. These nine gems are Nav-Ratnas which corresponds with the nine Dhatus (ingredients) of which the human body is composed. The Tantra Sara gives a clear statement of their correspondence to the Nav-Ratnas.


 So, We can now proudly say that we are going through the stage of ‘SCIENCE OF ASTROLOGY’.



Why is it important to consult an Astrologer?


Gems and stones are worn to avoid negative influences of planets as their vibrations corresponds to unique planets. In the above paragraphs is have already explained the significance of wearing the correct gemstone, so one should always consult an astrologer and accordingly wear and gem because with so many positive colors of divine gem there is also a darker side which can make your life worse.


The gemstone can be worn, keeping in  mind your zodiac sign, birth constellation or Lagna but the most trusted ways of adoption is wearing a gem upon the prescription of an Astrologer as he would advise it to complete analysis and study of your horoscope of a particular person as which stones would best benefit a particular person..


Gemstones affect our lives and fulfills all our desires, can be rightly called as blessings on mortal land. It
helps in defending negative effects of certain planets and like a shield protects us from hindrances.


I hope I have made clear enough in explaining the importance of wearing a gemstone and why consulting an astrologer is extremely important..


Further, I have mentioned some important points which should be considered before adopting birthstone


Things to consider before wearing gemstones


#1. Shukla Paksh’ is the time to wear gemstone irrespective of the stone you are  wearing.


#2. Divide your body weight by 12 and whatever number comes, minimum that much should be the weight of the gemstone in ‘Rati’. This calculation is important.


#3. If the problem is momentary or an outcome of the lack of effort, then a person should rather concentrate on doing hard work. Gemstone should be worn only when the situation is not changing after making constant efforts.


#4. The ring should be worn in such a way that it should touch your skin neither too tight nor too loose.


#5. Always consult a wise astrologer.


#6. Before wearing  gemstone you can check the suitability by keeping it under your pillow for at least three days and if there are no nightmares then it means it has positive effect but if you see scary dreams then you are advised to consult astrologers.


#7. The most important thing which one should always keep in mind that wearing gemstone will not show miracles in a night. So do not have such expectations. Life does not change immediately, it will only help in clearing obstacles and will give you inner strength.


Keep working on a successful life. Consequently, With your constant efforts and god’s grace I am sure you will lead a happy life..


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