Selecting the Right Motorcycle Helmet For You

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Hey there!!! I am back with my sole purpose which is to provide knowledge. Today we will understand how we can choose the correct helmet for our motorcycles. Firstly, let us understand why helmets are so important. Riding motorcycles is a transportation method and leisure activity as well (I should definitely mention this). For some people it is a passion and so they put their life in danger by not wearing helmets as they think it is not cool (by the way stylist helmets are available now). Why you should wear the helmet while you ride is? IT IS A LAW (mostly everywhere). And why follow it just because it is a law!. God forbidden, if you happen to meet an event of crash, this helmet will protect you from any major injury on head. Wearing helmet will avoid injury or death. Cars and trucks can be easily seen, but when it comes to motorcycle they have to struggle. So wearing helmet will increase your mass and you will seen easily by the other drivers. If you wear helmets it will protect you from sunburn in summer and will keep your head warm in winters.


 Selecting the Right Motorcycle Helmet For You

The Helmet’s guide


Understanding The Helmet


I know You hardly would have noticed it. From outside it may look like an ordinary safety gear. But, it has different parts you should know.  There is an outer shell designed to protect the head from strong pressure. To minimize the shock and any major impact to the brain, there is an inner lining made of Styrofoam. Lastly, your chin is secured by the strap.
Besides parts there are also other features like the weight and construction of the helmets. A typical one weighs 1400 to 1800 grams. It is perfect if the weight is evenly distributed. Heavier center can strain your neck.
Helmet construction are factors like weight, comfort and safety rating.
Integrated sunshade, wind reduction measures are other technological advances in today’s helmets.


Choosing The Right Shape and Size


Imaging a handshake which causes you discomfort or pain. The same is with a helmet. It should fit without pressing your skin too tight. Everyone has a different shape of face. You must determine your head shape. Usually your face shape is long oval, intermediate oval and Round oval.
To measure your head wrap a soft measuring tape around your head and the back of your head. (Half inch above from eyebrows, ears).
Helmet size also depends on brand’s sizing. Check with the manufacturer.
Remove the helmet and check if you get any red spots.


Safety Ratings


Make sure your helmet is certified and has passed all the safety ratings from DOT, ECE22.02, SNELL2010, BSI etc.
And yes a fake DOT sticker will not give a legal or protective qualities. This testing agency mentioned above certifies that the helmet has the ability to protect you from any accident or event of sudden impact. Other tests will make sure that the helmet will stay in the position and will not rotate or come off. When purchasing your helmet look at the genuine label of the certified agencies. If not, do not purchase it. The safety gear is for the safety you should not take it lightly.


Never Use Second Hand Helmet


Don’t be so mean to your life. Your life is most important. Those few bucks you are trying to save, are not. You don’t know what a used helmet brings with it. A damaged one will not do its work of protecting your head. Don’t put your life in danger for those dollars which you can always earn later. So go for a brand new certified helmet to protect your life.


Check Proper Ventilation


Getting proper ventilation through helmet is not just important for comfort, but also for diluting any toxic gases which can build up inside the helmet. Top vents and chin vents are very important to push air around the head. If you have holes in the EPS liner, then the helmet is properly ventilated. For higher volume of air around the head toward the exhaust ports Ventilation channels are helpful.


Proper Vision


Make sure that there is no distortion when it comes to visibility. Choose the right one for you. Also, note the amount of peripheral vision. I would recommend to buy those helmets with an internal sun visor. If you have this one, then you don’t have to worry about the bright sunlight or night. It will automatically switch to the dark face in bright sunlight or switches to clear during night time. While some also comes with an anti fog coating or Pinlock® visor.
So select the one with a high quality face shield.


Replace After an event of Crash


The Helmets are a single usable items as in when it finishes of its tasks it has to be replaced with a new one. Accident or falling is an event which a human cannot predict or avoid. So whenever this happens and helmet has done its duty, change it. Sometimes it is damaged without any visible signs so don’t take any chance.
Replace it with a high quality certified helmet only. Also, you should know when it’s the right time to change. Remember, everything comes with an expiry date.


Save Your Life And Not Some Bucks


Don’t be so cheap when you buy a helmet. Instead, keep this idea for some other not so important thing. Never purchase a used one or a cheap one. Even if you don’t see any damage, still don’t buy that. Some damaged things are hidden. The cheap may not have passed the safety rules. So I would recommend, putting some extra dollar for your life’s security.


 I hope I am successful enough in sharing this information. Besides this, if you want to learn some riding tips click here : Things first time motorcycle riders should know


Check infographic for motorcycle safety guide – injury-solicitors.



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