How to handle your child with Autism

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This blog Tries to focus on the major concerns of todays. So, I have come up with this topic for parents on How to deal with autism. Before that let’s just quickly understand what autism is.

What is Autism?

Autism is a brain-based disorder characterized in varying degrees, which affects an individual’s behavior, social and communication skills, repetitive behavior etc. They have difficulties in communication and social interaction. In May 2013 DSM -5 Diagnostic Manual, all the autism disorders were considered to be under diagnosis of Autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  Some persons with ASD excel in visual skills, music, maths, and art. When Parents come to know about their child’s complication they feel completely devastated. A child with Autism has several complications, but not fewer difficulties are faced by their parents too. So, I have brought this article for you which I am sure will help you to deal with it.

Talking about the causes of Autism. Honestly, there is no single cause for Autism. Just like there is no one type of autism, there is no single cause for it. Over many years of research, scientists have identified some genetic changes which cause Autism. Even a small number of these gene change is capable of causing Autism. Diagnosing Autism at an early age might be difficult, but with the experts help try to find out Autism as early as possible. I know I cannot Change the situation, but I hope The below points will guide you to deal with Autism in a good and positive way:

Don’t jump to any conclusion till You are sure on your Diagnosis:
It is True that you should Diagnose Autism as early as possible, but this doesn’t mean that will-will simply go to any doctor for Diagnosis. Sometimes the symptoms could be of some other disorder. This is the worst news any parent could hear. So make sure that you are Consulting the Expert for Diagnosis. I would recommend calling your doctor twice and double assure yourself.

Take your time:
Receiving such a bad news is so painful. Parents have so many dreams for their child. And when they hear this news so many questions arises about their future. So it’s alright if you take your time to absorb this news. So once you accept the fact and absorb the news, then you can plan things accordingly. It’s time for you to start researching and get in touch with specialists.

Also,  take caution that therapies are going right.

Learn all you can about Autism:
Now this one is really important. It is extremely important to be self-awareness about the topic so that you educate your family and also you will better understand your child. Consult all the specialists, so that you can benefit your child. Also, you need to be updated because autism symptoms and treatment changes so need to find the best resources available for you. Be the advocate for your child, you need to know the government policies for education.

Accepting your child:
By now, You very well know that your child is different from others. Do not bother what others will think it won’t help you. Yes, your child is not the way others are. Instead of being sad for the missing qualities your child has, celebrate the small things. Create a safe and friendly environment for your child. Love him/her very much. It will help him/her the most. Play with your child and let therapies be fun.

Understand your child’s sensory sensitivities:
As discussed earlier symptoms of autism is not same for all. Some children are hypersensitive while some are under-sensitive to sound, touch, sights, smells etc. As a parent, you need to identify what triggers your child and in what way. Whether he enjoys, feels uncomfortable, stressed etc. The reason behind understanding this is to know your child better so that you can troubleshoot problems.

Behavioral Management:
As per the functionality and behavior of your child behavioral training programs are conducted. This training should also be given to the parents, teachers, caretakers etc. The basic intention of this therapy is to improve communication. This will help to improve behavior. The Best result can be expected, If the behavior treatment and management is consistently provided.

Review all the treatment, look for Experts:
Different types have different treatments available. So you need to research and figure out the best one for your child. Not all the specialist focus on all symptoms. I would suggest you to go for combined treatments as just one treatment will not do the job well. And the most important thing, you don’t easily get the appointments. So it is better that you properly research on specialist and be on the waiting list.

Join your child’s world:
For me, This is the most important no matter whether your child is autistic or no.

Love makes the miracle happen. Join your child’s world, understand what he /she says or cannot say and  love them the way they are. By doing this your child will feel safe with and you can tell him /her to do some physical things which they might not choose. Help them to communicate well, inner feelings and rhythms. Let them bloom. Nothing can be better than loving and understanding your child.

Know what you can control and what you can’t:
One cannot change the set of genes you have. You cannot change the way your child is born. Your focus should be to make his/her life worth everything. Few things are not in your hands. But many are. Create a supportive and nourishing environment for your child. Therapies and medication works, if you make enough support and assess your child in every step. By this, you are not only helping your autistic child but even for yourself.

Don’t give up:
I know dealing with Autism is not easy. But being sad will also not help either. Your child has a whole life in front of him/her. Do not think that since it is destined it will happen, Think Your child will grow and develop abilities. There is no sure cure for autism. Therapies and treatment take time. So, don’t ever give up if its taking time. Also don’t decide yourself that your child will never grow and that he /she shall remain like this forever.



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