Improve battery life of your smartphone

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Simple ways to improve battery life. How do I save battery life? Battery not lasting? Battery drains quickly?

Below are ten tips and tricks so that you can boost your smartphone’s battery life by simply making a few changes to your phone’s settings:

1.  Don’t use Auto brightness / Dim Your Screen Brightness

Don’t use display auto-brightness. This affects the battery life drastically. Brightness is it’s the battery’s biggest enemy as it eats up your battery life very quickly. Most of us use the auto-brightness feature that automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness to suit as it uses less power than running your screen at full brightness but it can be way brighter than you actually need. But for saving battery life of your smartphone, it is advisable to turn your screen’s brightness to a lower setting that you can you can still read and is comfortable. This will increase your battery life dramatically and save your battery life.

2. Shorten screen timeout

Screen timeout is how long the screen will remain lit after you finish using it. Setting your display’s screen timeout to as short a time can do wonders to your battery life. Shortening the screen timeout minimizes the power consumption of your smartphone.
In your smartphone’s settings menu, there is an option labeled ‘Screen Timeout’ or something similar.
On Android smartphones, the minimum is 15 seconds. If the timeout is set to 1 minute reduce it to 15 seconds as it can help reduce your battery consumption by 4 times. On iPhone, the minimum timeout is 1 minute.

3. Turn off vibrate

Switch off vibrate. Vibration uses much more power than playing a ringtone does.  The vibration of the entire phone takes a lot more battery than compared to the sound of a ringtone.
Unless you really need to your phone alert by vibration when you’re in meetings, hospital or any places where it is necessary to keep the phone silent else turn off vibration alerts as it is much better to use a ringtone as it helps to save your smartphone’s battery.

4. Close Unnecessary Apps

Muti-tasking is one of the most common features in a smartphone. A lot of times we open an app but do not close them even when we no longer need to use them. This drains the battery very quickly in no time.

It is always recommended to kills your apps when not using them as these unused apps slowly eat your battery life. Now we also have app monitor to check each app usage and close them when you are not using them or use simple setting n your home screen.
In  Android smartphones, tap the multitasking button and you can swipe away apps to close them.
In your iPhone, quickly push the Home button  twice so the multitasking screen appears, then swipe upwards to close the app or tap the minus icon to close the apps completely.

5. Disable GPS

Many apps utilize the GPS system on your smartphone to track your location but also consume a lot of the battery strength. Some of your apps like facebook (check-in feature) or other location-based apps may continue to send and receive signals to determine your exact location even while running in the background. One can also disable location services when prompted or one should disable GPS when you really don’t need them.

6. Disable Wi-Fi, 3G/4G When Not Needed

A lot of battery is consumed whenever your smartphone searches for Wi-Fi, 3G /4G as your phone search for network and signals.
Turn off your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth when you don’t need them and thereby saving battery. If you have turned on both Wi-Fi as well as the mobile data, turn off the one you don’t need at that time. Disconnect your phone from Wi-Fi at night if not in use.

7. No Bluetooth

Only turn on Bluetooth as long as you need it. When you use your Bluetooth with your hands-free headset it is constantly listening for signals and this drains your battery. When you aren’t playing music wirelessly or using it in your car, turn off the Bluetooth. This helps in saving your smartphone’s battery life.

8. Minimize Notifications

We receive notifications on our smartphones when we are connected to the internet. Many apps give us notifications on the latest news, weather, emails, games, etc. And widgets which are constantly syncing and updating such as weather, FB, twitter, Gmail, etc. All of these things consume energy. But we can’t turn off useful and important notifications like new text messages, missed calls, WhatsApp messages or new work emails.
Every notification lights up your screen and depending on your settings, vibrates or makes a noise, too which can be annoying and drains your battery.

Toggle push notification options in your settings or within the apps themselves to disable unnecessary notifications to help your battery power last longer.
Such as setting email checking time to 30 minutes or ditching such apps and widgets and using it only when you need them.

9.Signals and Connections/ Airplane mode

Your smartphones use signal and network all the time but it seeks a larger network bandwidth when you are traveling. This search for network  uses a large amount of processing power and battery strength as your phone is constantly scanning to attain a better connection in areas where the reception is poor or not available.
Settings such as  ‘Airplane mode’ is an easy solution to stop the battery drain caused by signal search or switch your phone off when you know you can’t get any signal.

10. Update apps manually/ keep apps updated

Auto-update can be easily managed in the play store settings. Apps can be manually updated if you want to save your battery or data.
Delete apps you don’t need as they can eat up your battery and RAM but it is very important to keep your apps updated with all the latest update as the developers can release an update on app’s battery performance and operating efficiency.

Other important tips for you smartphone’s battery life:

  • One should also reboot their smartphone from time to time as  this can solve various battery issues.
  • Unplug the charger when the battery is full.
  • Keep your smartphone away from direct sunlight or in high temperatures as it can overheat the battery quickly.
  • Use original chargers that came with the phone.
  • One can also carry an extra battery.
  • Huge choice of portable USB chargers and power banks can be used.

These are a few tips and tricks. Leave a comment below if this was helpful or suggest us with more battery-saving tips.



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