The Letter “A” in handwriting analysis

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The Letter "A" in handwriting analysis

The letter “A” is the first letter and also the first vowel in the English language. But what does in mean in graphology? As discussed in the previous Post the handwriting of a person says a lot about the writer. Since the letter “A ” is the first letter we should start with the letter “A” analysis. The letter “a” is  an oval letter. It is part of the a, d, g, o, p and q group. This group of letters shows people’s communication and dedication. As all the letters in the oval group consist of a round circle, They have many similarities in them.


The Letter “A”


The open letter “a”

The open letter "a"


The writer who writes the letter “a” with a gap on the top shows that when they face resistance, they become “persistent”. These people have a set goal and will never quit until they accomplish what they wanted to. Also, they are an excellent investigator and likes gossip. They are steady and dependable in perceptions and habits. The one stroke curve shows the writer’s high popularity. They seem not to finish things and usually leave things and begin with a new task


The letter “a” with loops

The letter "a" with loops

A little impartial. They easily ask the actual facts from others. The writer who writes a with loops understands when is the right time to stop and contact for compromise. The loops in handwriting are believed to show the sufficient self control in the writer’s life. If you have more than one loop, then this means you are able to improve life if the result are not that you are looking for in life.


Twisted on the way into the “a”

Twisted on the way into the "a"


A twist on the way to “a” shows creativity in the person. Sometimes an obstacle for them. They find difficult to finish the task they have started. Mostly, you find easy to let someone take the lead. A personal sense of pride will make you work hard. Also, the writer has enough self confidence when it comes to dealing with their partner


The square letter “a”


The square letter "a"

When you are mentally and emotionally oriented you tend to write a with a square.

These people have difficulty in setting their ideas in motion. Consequently, you start a task and then are unable to follow things. On the other hand, those who write “a” with mostly straight lines shows that they normally react to emotional situations. You count on people too much, but if things don’t work as planned then you get disappointed.


Slanted “a”



forward slanted a

Those who write forward slanting “a” are interactive and emotionally open to others.
Forward slating “a” with a loop shows visual and approach to life of a writer. You are the best listener.



backward slanting a

This person is extremely sensitive due to which they create many family problems, divorce, separation etc. Consequently, you can’t hear stand anyone shouting at you. You get motivation by physical expressions of reassurance and acceptance.


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