Too much of anything is bad for you-Looking at both the sides

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It is a fun question to ponder and you could definitely make the case that too much of anything is a bad thing. My health teacher way back in junior high would tell us that too much of anything will kill you and challenged us to think of a contradiction to that statement.

Some of our challenges and its result:

Drinking water-Water Intoxication that could lead to death
Any vitamins-types of poisoning or cancer

It was a fun exercise taken to the extreme with the point being that a good quality life takes moderation in everything.

Is too much of some, perhaps most, things are bad for you?

The answer is in the question. To have too much, you must have more than you should have, to begin with by definition. If you exceed what is a normal, healthy, correct, proper, etc. whatever level of anything, then it immediately becomes worse for you. When you know, that what you desire & long for is too much, it’s nothing but greed. To achieve that, one may hope any limits & that could be disastrous. At some point in our life, we need to be content with what we have. There’ll be many things we’ll miss out on!

Satisfaction lies in enjoying what we possess & not achieving in excess of what we require.

Living life without moderation is typically a bad thing. Even if a thing is good, without indulging in it in moderation, i.e. if you overindulge in something, it will get to the point that it is no longer good for you. In short, yes, too much of anything is bad, from a human perspective.

In the end, whether we stuff ourselves to the point of overindulgence, or starve ourselves to death, we die either way. It’s at the moment of death when we realize whether we have really lived life to the fullest, or “un-fullest” lifestyle that fit our comfort, that we can answer this question and die in peace. “Did I love enough?” “Did I work too much?” “Did I have enough fun in this world?” are all questions that we can only answer in the inevitable end, when it will really matter, but at the same time, will not.


Some quotes stating too much of anything is bad.

Some quotes stating too much of anything is bad.



Some quotes stating too much of anything is bad.




Some quotes stating too much of anything is bad.

Can you be too self-confident?too expressive?too nice? too smart?

Danger breeds best on too much confidence.

All emotional pain lasts for twelve minutes, anything longer is self-inflicted

Overthinking causes the human mind to create negative scenarios and/or replay painful memories.

#1. When you exceed confidence you become more arrogant and prone to move to the darker side. The reason is being that you are always right and so your mistakes go uncheck and you are likely to fail.

#2. is being too emotional and transparent right? Will you not be taken for granted? In fact, you may end up being aloof. Being emotional is not a bad thing. but being over expressive without the ability to control yourself is bad.

#3.How about being too rich? Well, yes to an extent. You would have an enormous responsibility to manage this huge sum of money.

#4. Too much of love can lead to obsession or over possessiveness. But make sure you love enough.

#5. How about being too intelligent? Well, I think the only thing you can’t ever have too much of, is knowledge.

But, if a leader is way more intelligent than the followers, chances are more that the leader would not be able to connect. Of course, moderate levels of intelligence are not best. So, this brings us to an important conclusion.” It is balance that matters”

On the contrary

Quotes that say too much of anything is not bad. Have a look.

Quotes that say too much of anything is not bad.




Quotes that say too much of anything is not bad.


Quotes that say too much of anything is not bad.

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