What are Numerology facts and benefits?

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 what are numerology facts and benefits

Here I have for you Numerology facts and benefits. I feel so positive to share with you my this article on Numerology since I know we all are so curious to find out our future. Am I the only one who gives importance to a certain number over the other number (here I am only talking about 1-9)? Certainly not! In some or the other way each one of us, yes, each one of us does the same in spite of knowing nothing about Numerology but we still have an intuition which keeps us going. 

Numerology will not change your destiny, I iterate numerology can only make your life bearable. Numerology is a science and all its benefits are explained below. Astrology, Palmistry and Numerology are the three leading theories  in the field of future telling. Numerology is one of the predictive science. As we all know we have 9 planets and each one of them is allotted a number. This number and planetary position have a lot of influence on human being from the moment we are born and thus the same planet starts radiating the vibrations of that number. Our physiology, thinking, emotions, ambitions, health, career are all dominated by the numbers.


Keeping in mind this irresistible desire to know the future  and the importance of numbers in once life I am sharing with you this article.


How the number influence outcomes in human decisions and calculates a  person’s strengths, weaknesses, obstacles, talents and inner needs is numerology. Numerology examines in detail what effects numbers have on people and analyses the links between your name and birth date and accordingly predicts your future.


Numerology benefits


Everything is predestined and  one cannot deny that. For Example marriage are made in heaven. This means our pair is already decided but that doesn’t mean that you will slog lifetime just because it is destiny. You can consult numerology specialist and rewrite your destiny (not completely) but make your life bearable at least.

You may have a close friend of yours with whom you share harmonious relationship, it may be because you both share the same number. On the contrary, if his number is opposite to that of yours, then you will never have a great bond.


Numerology is primarily a self-help tool. Also, It helps you to determine your inner strength and weaknesses.

It has the ability to explain why you make certain choices. It is a way to gain greater insight and understanding into your inner being and true nature. Therefore, it gives you a new point of view  to look at yourself. Self-knowledge is the key to success and freedom.



Time changes and human beings life’s too. Sometimes situations are favorable and sometimes they are not. So, Through numerology you can identify your that one digit which will bring prosperity in your life. For Example : -lucky number vehicles may avoid accidents, you may go at the important meeting using this vehicle. Make an important decision on your lucky date and this is how you can avoid your bad day.



Sometimes one is unaware of their own talent. Your birthday is analyzed as whole number which will let you know about the Talent you are brought with. So, Learning this will have you to determine which field /career is suitable for you in your childhood itself. Isn’t it great?



Almost each one of us is looking for a balanced life. In addition, Numerology chart explains all the emotions, anger, nature, etc. And this is how you can know and work on overcoming your weaknesses and working on your strength to live a desired life.



Karmic debt shows you the energies associated with life lessons and you need to learn in this birth.

Know your karmic debt and align yourself with the lessons and evolve into a better person. Karmic debt numbers are 4,5,7,13,14,16 and 19


Precisely speaking, numerology helps in providing meaningful advice in all types of situations.



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