Personality Disorder: Causes and Treatment

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Personality Disorder

In the previous post we understood what is Personality Disorder and what are the types of Personality Disorder. Now let us further Understand what are the causes and Treatments available for Personality Disorder. The answer is not clear, but it seems like below points play a part.


Personality Disorder Causes


#1. Upbringing and family circumstances.

 Upbringing and family circumstances


Physical or sexual abuse in childhood, violence in the family  are  some of the reasons for personality disorder. It is not the case all the time. This disorder can be avoided If children are taken out  of this environment. Such circumstances may lead of feeling, of worthlessness and may make you aggressive. Because, they don’t get the love in return and as a result, they face personality disorder.


#2. Problems.



In addition, problems like Severe aggression, disobedience, and repeated temper tantrums in childhood plays a part.


For them everything is a trouble. Their focus is on the problem and not the solution.

#3. Trauma.



Repeated childhood traumas (unrelated to abuse), incidents or accidents may lead to personality disorder. Only major and early severe trauma can cause personality disorder.


What I am trying to say is not every one who experiences a traumatic situation will have Personality Disorder. Many people who cope up with these incidences and deal with it the right way will avoid such disorder.


#4. Genetics and inheritance

Genetics and inheritance

Some elements of our personality are inherited. Some experts believe that one can suffer from this disorder because of the genetic link and may also face  certain other mental health problems. For example, schizophrenia or bipolar disorder because of genetics and inheritance.




It is possible to live a normal life with the help of various treatment.


Treatment for people with personality disorders can be psychological (talking therapies) and/or physical (Medication).


Talking Treatment

Talking Treatment

This treatment has shown success till now, It has focused on treatment for borderline personality disorder and milder forms of personality disorder. Below are some therapies:


    • Mentalisation Based Therapy (MBT) – It is the combination of group and individual therapy. Furthermore, aims for a better understanding of yourself and others.
      You have to become aware of what’s going on in your own head and in the minds of others.


    • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) – It is a combination of cognitive and behavioral therapies and also uses  some techniques from Zen Buddhism. Both individual and group therapy is involved.


    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – A treatment to change unhelpful pattern of thinking.


    • Schema Focused Therapy – It is a cognitive therapy that finds and changes collections of deep unhelpful beliefs. Also, Very much effective in borderline personality disorder.


    • Transference Focused Therapy -Here the therapist tries to explore and changes unconscious processes.


    • Dynamic Psychotherapy -It analyses how past experiences affect present behavior. Less structured, but similar to Transference Focused Therapy.


    • Cognitive Analytical Therapy – With the help of this treatment you recognize and change unhelpful patterns in relationships and behavior.


  • Treatment in a therapeutic community – This community is a place where people with emotional problems can go to, or sometimes even stay for several weeks or months. They also work in groups.






There are no drugs for personality disorder, but doctors prescribe few for additional issues like irritability, depression or psychotic episodes. Mostly it is advised medication with talking therapy. Further, for better results as it may take some time to find a drug that works for you.


Art Therapies


 Art Therapies


Art, music and dance help you express yourself, especially when you cannot put them down in words.


If you express yourself with any art, this will help you to build relationship with others and socialize with others. Drama therapy may help you to say things that are normally difficult to express.


Therapeutic Communities

Therapeutic Communities

The common effect of any personality disorder you are facing is that you have a difficulty in maintaining relationship with other people. Therefore, you can Live in therapeutic communities for months and feel the difference in yourself.


Here they teach to work together, share, encouraged to express feelings.


Since Communities vary, there could be mixture of large or small group meetings, etc. There is often no medication involved. In conclusion, you will have to contribute in yourself.  Accept your problem and ability to change.


 Please feel free to comment and let us know your views.




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