Printer Problem: Fix and Maintenance

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Printer Problems and Solution:

Printers are one of the most important output devices with the computer. Printer is used to get the hard-copy of our results. But sometimes it fails to respond at per as your command and it might lead to a lot of problems especially when you have an urgent document to print. There might be a lot of reasons like dried up ink, paper jam etc.

And if you are facing any such problem, below are some symptoms that you might be facing along with their solutions.


When the printer is not working at all.

Possible causes include a poor connection with the computer or software problem. Major causes are old print jobs in the print queue not completed. The ink cartridge runs out or blocked print head.

Double-click the printer icon from the start menu or go to control panel and select printer options. Delete any old print jobs found in the print queue. Check all connections between the printer and the computer and if required turn off the computer, remove and re-plug at both ends and restart the computer. With USB connections, remove and re-plug all the connection. For blocked print head, run the head cleaning software. Also, check the cartridge ink to check if the ink has not dried up.
Uninstall and reinstall the software.


When a command is given to print, nothing happens.

There might be a lot of possible causes such as it might not be properly configured or has bad interfaces cable or adapter. Old or incorrect drivers may also be the reason.

If your printer is not printing, firstly make sure you have set it as the default. Make sure that your print cable is connected properly. Verify that it is configured properly and remember to update it with the latest available drivers. Conduct a print self-test. Check that protective strip is removed from the new cartridge.


The printer stops or begins printing garbage. (In the beginning or during print operation)

The possible causes of this print problem are as follows:
Bad cable or poor adapter quality.
The printer is not configured correctly or not installed properly.

The possible solutions to this print problem are as follows:
Check the cable connection and clean the adapter card edge.

Check if it is installed properly. If necessary, reinstall the software. Conduct printer self-test.


Poor print quality.

Following may be the causes for low print quality:
Dirty or dried up print heads.
Blocked print head.
Ink dried up.
Poor quality ink/cartridges or no ink left.

Solution to this problem includes running cleaning software for blocked paper head. Check ink level and use only genuine manufacturing cartridges (recommended).


Paper feed problem/ Paper struck

Caused because of dirty rollers or when the paper path is blocked. Moist paper or sticky paper together.

Keep paper dry and flat before putting it into the printer. Clean the rollers with a cleaning fluid such as methylated spirit.
Check the paper path very carefully and clean it if necessary.



Maintenance of your printer.

Your printer can run for several years without any problem. Follow the steps below for proper maintenance:

    • Clean the printer using a soft cloth.
    • Clean out dust, dirt from its mechanism using a soft brush. (paper feed path, ribbon quality, etc.)
    • Use methylated spirit for cleaning the inner parts.
    • Run cleaning software.
    • Check for ribbon quality to avoid damage to the print head.
    • Check the paper feed before printing to check for any obstructions.
    • Cover the printer with a dust cover when not in use.
    • Lubricate the mechanical parts and slider rails using non-oily lubrication.

In case your printer problem is not mentioned, contact us or leave us a comment below. We will try to help you with your problem at the earliest.



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