Psychic Number: what it says about you

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In the previous post I introduced you with Numerology facts and benefits. In this article, let us move a step ahead to understand what your psychic number says about you. These points will help you to understand yourself even better. The physic number plays an important role in one’s food, friendship, sex, desires etc. The psychic number can be influenced by changing one’s name.

It is obtained by a simple calculation of date of birth, for e.g. If your date of birth is 29th November 1989.

Then your Psychic No is 2+9=11 i.e 1+1=2.

What’s your Psychic Number says about you?

Psychic no 1


NATURE-They have fixed ideas and they formulate it quickly. These people are impulsive, dominate, cheerful, happy and positive. People with Psychic no 1 are usually considered lucky in all walks of life. Good institution is a god gift to them. They have strong connections. They are intelligent, hard working, disciplined, precise, powerful, have good manners and are fond of good taste. They are fond of traveling,helpful and friendly. They are admired for their hard works, poise and politeness. They are famous in their society. They only come off strong in front of people and will never display their weakness.

Psychic number 2


NATURE -People with this number are friendly and helpful in nature. They are imaginative, emotional, moody, peaceful and very romantic. They need ideas to promote and execute their ideas. They are very emotional people and sometimes depressed too. They are delicate, and fond of aromas, family oriented, fast thinkers and Loyal with their spouse. They prefer working in partnerships. They believe in live and let live. They are experts in the world of love and beauty. These people will never say no. They don’t do anything in one go. Very rarely they do things in one attempt.

Psychic number 3


NATURE- At the start of their life they struggle, but it makes them shine and gives inner growth and development. They are very ambitious, confident, hard working, independent, daring, disciplined, full of stamina and strong built. They are usually lucky in life and are intelligent. These people are mostly successful because they are great at finishing any task given to them. Even in the hardest situation they will still keep a smile on their face.

In public they are outspoken and have excellent communication skill. They plan things very well, but fail to execute them in the same way. They are also impatient.

Psychic Number 4


NATURE-They are very systematic, helpful, reliable, religious, self made people, rebellious, practical people by nature and become very easily irritable too. They make secret enemies as their point of view always differs from that of others. They boldly face any opposition. They are foodie and always love to spend money love to spend lavishly. They try to balance their life. These people could be easily misunderstood by people. No one can beat them up with words, they are the best communicators. They mostly fail in love affairs. They are family oriented.

Psychic Number 5


NATURE-They are kind, delicate, eminent thinkers, family oriented, spontaneous and quick in their plans. They love changes in their lives. They are intuitive by nature and understand others point of view. They love traveling and are independent, self made and lucky in love. They fail in long term friendship. They take all cautious action for their health, and usually have long lives. They are always positive and so find happiness everywhere. They are religious & believe in traditional beliefs, but dislike preaching. As said earlier they are positive and enjoy all phases of their lives.

Psychic Number 6


NATURE-They adore nature and beauty. They easily get attracted towards opposite sex. They are clever, patient, always busy, love traveling, over conscious about their physical appearance and love to dress well. They hate interference of anyone and are too much in their family, and they become everybody’s favorite. They don’t like restrictions and peacefulness. They are sincere with their life partner and are emotional too. They are not demanding. They express their emotions and will never hide them.

Psychic Number 7


NATURE-They are uncertain, disruptive, restless, innovative, truly spiritual, religious and moody.

They learn many lessons from their failures, doesn’t repeat them and get success. Getting success through their failures is what makes them different from others. They are good speakers, friendly, analytical, good planners and gain popularity easily. Their personalities have many faces. They love mystery and love to keep the mysterious environment around them. They are highly social but not commanding.

They love to travel. They have brilliant ideas. Their success gives fruit in the latter part of their life. They need motivation to do things in life.

Psychic Number 8


NATURE-People having psychic number as 8 are confident, full of determination and mystery at the same time. They are hard working, strong willed people, extremists, reserved, weighty, deep, serious, miserable, outwardly calm and well-balanced. Unpredictable and introverted people. They live a life of struggle. They are disobedient and back stab their enemies. They are also unsatisfied. Not lucky in terms of love and marriage. Because of their solitary nature, lack of humor, serious nature, they feel alone and left out. They are an introvert. Beware! They can also be revengeful with their dear ones. It is very easy to irritate them. Take care as they can also spread rumors.

Psychic Number 9


NATURE-People with this number are energetic and unpredictable. To achieve their goals they constantly engaged in several activities. They are true fighters, frank, fearless, impulsive, bold. They are strong and determined. They are so over alert that they create enemies. They live life on their own and hate mercy from others. From outside, they are hard and disciplined, but from inside, they are soft hearted. Unlucky in love matters. They get violent and cruel when someone hurts them.


That’s all for Psychic Number characteristics. There is still lots to come for you. We have just begun. See you soon! Till then read our previous post on numerology!





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