Introduction to Psychology and Human Behavior

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Introduction to Psychology and Human Behavior

What is Psychology?

The scientific study of how we think, feel and behave is Psychology. Psychology is the mental characteristics or the attitude of a person or group. This is a vast subject. Psychology covers fields of study such as human development, sports, health, clinical, social behavior, cognitive processes etc. I will be explaining a few topics for now, which will really help you for self awareness.


Psychology helps one to become a better person. Psychology understands the behavior of others which helps in building relationship. Through psychology one becomes self aware and grows as an individual, as society, etc. Psychology helps an individual. And, you can even help others in solving their problems. A richer understanding of the self is psychology.


First, let me explain you why this subject is so important and such a popular subject!


Why is it so important?


Earlier this subject was not so popular. But in few decades psychology has become a popular subject. Everyone has understood that this is a major subject and is a topic of concern. Many people take psychology as major subject and why not, it is really important. Keep reading to understand this even better.


There is nothing more interesting than knowing ourselves. Everyone has so many questions that one keeps asking oneself: Why am I like this??? Why do I behave like this in a particular situation?? How to overcome this?? Etc.
It also helps to understand one as individuals, as societies, etc.


Helps to understand own self

Understanding own self

Everyone is keen to understand their own self, attitude, and behavior of others. So, it is expected from students in college life to find this subject so interesting. It is the phase where the actual transition begins. We choose a group of friends, it is the start of a career and we understand more about a relationship, the world, people and many more changes are likely to occur.


College life is the phase where one goes through almost all the emotions in life. It may be happiness, sadness, tragic relationship, the emotional turmoil of love or other relationship. People come in and exit from our life, resulting in positive or negative changes in one’s life. It helps us to answer questions, making this subject the most important.


Secondly, it helps us to understand others

Understand others

Isn’t it great to understand another? When you know how someone will react, their behavior, their nature.

It is very effective if you want to build interpersonal and communication skills. After studying this subject, students can predict and explain how other people will react.


The other advantage 

You can help others. There are so many people who have psychological problems or disorders. You can help them with richer and better understanding of their lives. Hence, students pursuing career in this field can benefit to them and others also. There are so many career options in this field. “You can even opt to become a social worker and help people who are facing psychological difficulties”.


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