10 Qualities in a person who you call your best friend

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Best friends! Who are your Best Friends? What qualities your best friend should have? I am going to help you out with this. Check, If you have these qualities in the person you call your Best friend.




Best Friend


B-Best friend accepts you at worst
I-Interested in your talks
N-Never Judges you


B-Best Friend Accepts you at worst
Best Friend Accepts you at worst

May you live in a mansion or in a small house. May you have lots of money in your pocket or just a penny. A Best friend will even love you if you are in the weirdest place. They will fight with you, make fun, but always accept you no matter what happens. Isn’t it great having such a good friend? A best Friend is the strongest relationship or bond you can have.



Your Best friend Understands you so well That they will not only listen to your problem but will also experience. Even without saying a word they will understand what you are going through. The bond between you and your Best friend is so strong and deep that they will experience your situation just like it is their own. Never let go of them.


S-Supports you
Supports you

Your Best friend should always support you. He/she is there not because you have asked for but because they wanted to be. That’s the major difference between Fake friends and best friends. You can only do those crazy things like going to an unknown destination, exploring places with your friends. What else are best friends for??. Whether it is a happy situation or sad they will support you.


Friendship isn’t about whom you’ve known the longest.It’s about who came and never left


Now, this one is so interesting.It is a fact and happens with most of us. They are so many friends who have that telepathy that they can understand just by looking at each other. Even, before words pop out of your mouth they know what you want to say. And, so these friends are called Best friends because of this obvious characteristic.



Best Friends also fight just like normal Friends.
But, how does it differentiate from those other Friends? The answer is simple “Forgiveness”. Sometimes you tend to have a bad fight with your best friends. But a Best friend is the one who will not be stuck with that one small topic you argued on. They will forgive you. In spite of the flaws and imperfection they will love you. If your friend forgives you then you guys are rightly best friends.



Appreciation and Respect are very important for the base of any relationship. She/he will not always say yes or agree with whatever you say. Just like you have an opinion, even they have. But your views are always welcomed. They will never intentionally put you down just to make them shine. Making fun is different. You also need humor, but this is different. They want you to be yourself and will always respect you for that.


I-Interested in your talks
Interested in your talks

They are always interested in your talks. They Will Listen to the gossip, good stories, bad stories, even if you have told them 100 times. Lovely right? You can openly talk to them about anything and everything. If You call them at 3 am in the morning Just to say that you are not sleepy and if they will still Talk to you that person is your Best friend.


Who is a best friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies



 Who Doesn’t need Encouragement? At some point or another you Feel low. But, your best friend will only praise you at this point. He/She will make you feel important to the world (you may laugh at your best friend later on). Your Best friend will do anything to make you smile. She/He will Remind you of all the good things you have done. And most importantly, they will not only encourage you but will also be standing right there with you.


N-Never Judges you
Never Judges you

Would you like someone judging you for any right or wrong stuff?? Certainly not!  And when it comes to best friends a big No!. When you go insane or do weird stuffs even in public, they will never judge you on any stupidity you have ever done. The Reason is that they know you inside out and understands that you are a good person from the heart.
Forgiveness comes when they never Judge you.



Let terrible situations come and go they are always dependable. You know that you can always rely on them. How hard the circumstances would be Best friends are the one who will look for you. There’s nothing more beautiful than having someone on whom you can rely upon. If you have such a person then yes, that person is your best friend.




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