Reasons why Tequila is good for health-Never heard before

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 Reasons why Tequila is good for health-Never heard before


Tequila was first developed in Mexico. And, in Mexico. It is considered as  a sophisticated drink since it has many benefits. Mostly, people are unaware of its health benefits because they are mixed with other sugar-based alcohol.
However, if you buy tequila made of 100 % agave (a plant) then having a glass of it can help your health.


Health benefits of tequila


#1 Helps in digestion




A shot before meal strengthens metabolism and appetite. And after dinner aids digestion. It is recommended that each shot is accompanied by a glass of water.


#2 Calm nerves and induce sleep




Tequila helps insomnia. It is advisable to not depend on any drink on a regular basis and tequila is not a cure for chronic insomnia. But it does help with episodic encounters. According to research it has relaxing benefits. Also calms nerves and brings you a good night’s sleep.


#3 Lowers blood sugar




According to a research, the sugars found in the plant that make tequila can help to lower your sugar level. The research on mice who consumed agavins produced a hormone called GLP-1  which produces insulin and therefore lowers sugar.


#4 Weight loss




During the study, the researchers found that mice who were given standard diet and the drank water with agavins ended up eating less. The hormone GLP-1 keeps stomach full longer and so you are expected to eat less. In further studies, overweight mice lost a significant amount of pounds.


This is why #4 is my favorite


#5 Helps to cure cold




Tequila fights cold or flu in hot beverage forms. When prepared in a hot beverage with lemon and honey tequila helps to induce the body to sweat out the illness. It helps the body rid itself of toxins and avoids fevers associated with cold and flu.


#6 Helps to fight cholesterol




Tequila helps to get rid of bad cholesterol and promotes good cholesterol. According to a research in Plant foods for Human Nutrition agavins lower triglycerides in the blood and the level of cholesterol.


#7 Minimizes pains




Tequila dilates the blood vessels which results in better blood flow, minimizing the pain level. It not only helps in minimizing emotional pain but also ear-aches, toothaches, sore throats and any body part.


I hope you are now aware of these benefits of tequila. If you like this please feel free to like, share and comment.



Note: Anything in excess is harmful. I have explained the same this above that the agave plant has benefits if consumed in correct quantities. Sugar based alcohol is not good for health.
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