Why @[4:0] shows Mark Zuckerberg name on Facebook

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Why @[4:0] shows Mark Zuckerberg name on Facebook
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Typing @ [4:0] will insert mark Zuckerberg name is a well known Facebook trick which can tag him anywhere on the website. This is a bug! Yes.In fact, I have also come across some images stating that if Mark Zuckerberg name does not appear, when you type @[4:0] then this means that your profile is being hacked. To be honest, it is not so. I am going to explain this soon. But, Before understanding this hacking rumor, I will first explain you the logic behind this @[4:0].

Why @[4:0] shows “Mark Zuckerberg” name on Facebook?


Tagging someone with a @ tag is nothing new. When you use @ a list of Facebook users will be shown so that you can tag them. Every Facebook user has a unique ID in the database. You can find your Facebook ID with findmyfbid.com and do the same trick. So the fact is that @[4:0] tags Mark Zuckerberg and links to his profile means that he is the 4th user in the database.
Are you thinking who are the first three? When you type ‘https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1’ it will bring up an error. From 1-3 will bring the error and the 4th is of course of Mark Zuckerberg. Apparently, these accounts may have deleted(no idea). So this code is a little piece of shorthand code that tells Facebook to produce the name of the Facebook profile associated with the ID number 4

What if it didn’t work for me?


I came across the below picture which says if this trick doesn’t show mark’s name, then your account is being hacked. I have no idea, how this can determine a compromised account. There is

Use other appropriate method to find out whether your account has been hacked or no. And, this method is a little misleading. But why didn’t it work for you? The answer is simple, it also depends on the platform you are using to access Facebook.
Is your account hacked?                                                                                           www.facebook.com
If you type @[4:0] from the desktop then it automatically inserts a space between and so you won’t be able to see mark’s name.

That’s it, guys!. Try the same thing from mobile and it will work.
We guess technically this whole thing isn’t really a hoax, since after all, the only thing it asserts is Mark Zuckerberg the creator of Facebook, it means you haven’t been hacked, which is true. But the obvious implication there (for those who couldn’t get it to work) has got many people worried.
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