Signature : Meaning , Analysis and Tips

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Your signature says:”SEE, this is who I am”.

The signature is the name is derived from the Latin word “Signare” which means  “To Sign” and the signer or signatory is the person who writes the signature. The Signature is the identity of a person and depicts name, surname, nickname or a combination of them. Signature analysis can be used as any identity or proof written by oneself. Each one has a unique signature and handwriting. It is difficult to judge someone solely on the basis of one’s signature specially without handwriting samples. The Signature is the cover page and not the book itself and its rightly said never judge a book by its cover. However, one must also not forget that it is the cover page which binds the book together.

Signature Analysis

Right or Wrong Analysis:
Your  analysis could go wrong because your identity can be judged by your handwriting, but in case of signature it reveals how you want to show yourself to the world (It may or may not be true). Hence, it is possible that this analysis in isolation can mislead. Hence, you may or may not learn about the person’s personality closely.
According to signature analysis, every time you sign, you make a statement to yourself and to the rest of the world, saying, “See, this is who I am.” It means that your sign is a reflection of how one behaves in public and how one handles oneself.
 For Eg: Analysis may show that a person is very happy, but may not be True. He or she may just want to show the world that I am Happy.
Signature Changes 


Let me explain :When I was a teenager, I kept doing different signs which has now changed. This is because, a  teenager has lesser responsibilities. We get what we demand. Even if I didn’t get what I want I would throw Tantrums and fulfill my wishes. The World is less likely to understand what we want and will not fulfill all our desires. I hope you now understood my point of saying how and why it changes. Every time we sign in a particular way, we reinforce those beliefs. Hence, whenever we change our Sign, it will result in a change of attitude.




Do not overdo anything. Never use many difficult characters just to make it look stylish. Using a lot of unnecessary strokes and difficult format may not create hindrance in any one’s eyes, but has chances to create hindrance  in your personal growth at some level.  So, I reiterate: Keep it simple.


Yes, using capital letter in the initial really works. So make sure the First Letter  is never written in small letter. Graphology says the presence of the small case first letter in your sign could cause a loss of self-confidence, and fill the writer with a feeling of worthlessness.


Our handwriting is classified into three zones small, average and large. According to handwriting analysis, it is necessary to maintain an equilibrium between the size of your handwriting and that of your signature. It should neither be too large nor too small. It should be average. Why? A signature much bigger than handwriting could sometimes indicate megalomania. On the other hand, a smaller size  could mean that the writer is shy and cannot speak out his mind.


I believe that I am quite successful in sharing this useful information with you!



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