Signature Mistakes You Should Avoid Doing

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Mistakes in signature


Signature analysis, meaning and tips were explained in the previous post which I hope were quite clear. Understanding what is required will not complete the task. Here are some mistakes, you should never make. Avoid  doing it!!!!



Things to Avoid:


1. Too many strokes in the Signature

too many strokes

One should avoid using strokes in their Sign. Such strokes in signatures reflect self-hatred, a tendency to stab and punish oneself. The image shows that the person is so depressed as he/she has on his/her own has stroke her life or has punished herself.


Sometimes, I have also seen many strokes that is even worst. As said in the earlier post, the way you sign you enforce yourself in that situation. When you use too many strokes you reinforce whatever the strokes stand for. You will take rash steps and will also hate yourself. People can also harm themselves. Do not ever sign like this. People who Sign like this very rash to themselves.


Therefore, I would repeat keep it simple..

2. Small Signature

small signature


Now this one is to be avoided as it reflects inferiority complex. The writer always feels that he has less of everything, may it be money, talent, success etc. They are forced to listen to others as they do not speak up their mind. They are the people whose self-respect are always crushed by the crowd.


A very small sign shows a lack of confidence. A tiny Sign, which co-exists with other strokes shows low self-esteem. In many cases, such people develop psychological problems. If you have a small signature, enlarge it a bit. Your signature should be neither too large nor too small.


3. Trace Back Signature

Trace Back Signature

This is the  most common mistake almost everyone does. I Personally meet many people doing this. Without lifting the pen they draw the underline and go backward from right to left. In most cases, the underline stroke does not return to the right side and ends on the left side. This is called trace-back signature in signature analysis. Refer the picture. As the sign instead of going ahead comes backward so it is said that people with trace back signature usually live in the past.
They held their past, whether it’s good or bad.

4. Don’t Scribble Your Signature

scriibled signature

Such writers are always in a hurry. They are not bothered whether you can read it or not. These writers will never take responsibility for anything wrong in their lives.  Also, such individuals are too busy for themselves. They hardly complete their task and will blame others for the delay. If your sign is like this, then start writing your full name. It may slow down your speed and hence affects your life in a better way.


Below is some signature style you may come across


1. When the First letter is in the capital letter and in bigger size compared to other letters in the sign it means that the writer has large PPI (Personnel Personality Index). He/she is impressive in the first meeting.


2. Break after one letter indicates that a person has initial communication hitch/gap/fear/inhibition.


3. If the writer Writes first name only it means he/she relies solely on their own strength and avoid advice and guidance.


4. The person with legible sign is the one who knows his potential and capabilities very well. They build their own brand. Such writers enjoy name, fame, recognition, authority, quality, aspect of their own work. These people have a clear vision.


5. If you have a Curved and smooth signature, then you are gentle, charming, flexible, outgoing, sociable.


6. The writer has a strong personality, competitive, aggressive and strong will he/she signs with angular connections.


7. An underscore under your signature reveals that you have a healthy ego and confidence. The one who underlines from the beginning of the signature is lucky enough since childhood as far as basic necessities  like food, cloth and infrastructure are concerned.


8. People who underlines in the middle of the signature  indicates  Person’s sacrifices, He is not able to adjust to the outer world, self destructive nature, inner fear.


9. Using Many underscores under their Sign shows that the person doubts his own public worth.


10. Self protective, spiritual drive, leadership traits are the qualities of those who underlines above their Sign.


11.If your signature fonts are large then it shows creativity, pride, desire for greatness, extremely large size project inner fantasies and repressed wishes.




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