Give your BEST HUGS- 10 Surprising benefits of hugs

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Surprising Benefits of Hugs
Hugs are definitely the most powerful therapy for healing. So I thought I should come up with the amazing benefits of hugs. Hugs are the way of expressing love, warmth and protection in all the relationship. You Hug your friends, family, adult babies. Also, Research shows that a proper deep hug can benefit you in many ways.


Benefits of Hugs

#10. Increases Bonding

While we hug a hormone called oxytocin is released from the brain. As a result, increases bond with the partner. Also, it causes a rise in commitment and intimacy which strengthens your bond. You are able to share feelings openly when this bond increases. So many benefits just by hugging. A hug, which looks like a small gesture can improve your relationship with your partner. Great! Isn’t it?

#9. Alleviates Our Fears
Alleviates Our Fears

Hugs reduces worry. The Research found that even if it was a toy like a teddy bear even that can help to reduce fears. The touch of hugs gives you a feeling of protection. Interpersonal touch is so powerful that even objects touch by another person may help people to come out of any fear.

#8. Relaxes the body and relieves pain
Relaxes the body and relieves pain

Hugs make our muscles relax, releases tension in the body. Hugging someone washes away the cares of the day. When you hug someone it releases endorphins. It relieves pain by blocking pain pathways. Also soothes aches by improving circulation to soft tissues. This process removes pain-stimulating peptides like Bradykinins.

#7. Improves mood
 Improves mood

We hug through our arms. But it isn’t just felt in our arms. As earlier said, The cuddle hormone, oxytocin  is released, which makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside. And so hugs improves our mood since it connects people and when you connect with people you automatically feel good. See, how hugs have health and biological foundation. It increases the production of serotonin from the brain, which reduces the level of depression, loneliness.

#6. Balances Nervous System
Balances Nervous System

Our skin contains a network of tiny-egg shaped pressure sensors called the Pacnician corpuscles. This is in contact with the brain through the Vagus nerve. So, when you passionately hug someone the effect of moisture and electricity over the skin shows a balanced state of the nervous system. This is due to psycho physiological coherence formed by the hug.
So keep hugging to balance your nervous system.

#5. Stress Reliever
Stress Reliever

You already read about the cuddle hormone above now let us know how stress hormones which reduces stress. Hugging is indeed a natural stress reliever. Hugs reduces levels of circulating Cortisol (the stress hormones). Which calms down your mind and hence reduced stress. Also decreases cortisol-induced hyperglycemia and diabetes mellitus.


When your partner comes home hug him and his tiredness will disappear. You also give a calm down message to your brain.

#4. Improves Heart Health
Improves Heart Health

Hugs are the best medicine for hearts. An experiment was conducted at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. It was observed that participants who didn’t have any contact with their partners developed a quickened heart rate of  10 beats per minute compared to the five beats per minute among those who got to hug their partners during the experiment. Healthy heart helps to lower blood pressure and cardiac illness.


#3. Relaxes Muscle Tension
Relaxes Muscle Tension

Hugs not only promotes blood flow, but also relaxes muscle tension. It improves blood circulation and combats pain. Hugging has amazing benefits. It can work wonders on your muscle activity and physical health. 
#2. Boosts Immune System
Boosts Immune System
As explained in the above paragraphs hugs reduces stress, improves blood circulation, works on muscles etc. All this will obviously boost your immune system. It has been observed that those who have conflicts and receive less hugs are prone to infection while those with more hugs are lesser prone to infections. Your physical and social stresses are handled thus boosts your immune system. Wonderful!!

#1. Keep Brain Healthy and Promotes memory
Keep Brain Healthy and Promotes memory

Remember the hormone called Oxytocin! It is released into the blood stream when you hug someone. As a result, it improves memory power along with reducing stress. But, How does it keep your brain healthy? It stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps you to strike a balance between the activeness and calmness.


Keep hugging!




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