Things first time motorcycle riders should know

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Attention First time Motorcycle Riders

Hey !  To all the bike riders out there, I have something for you. Really useful! First time bike Riders especially for you. For all the passionate Riders here I gave for you the list of things First  time motorcycle Riders should know. Being young I know many people take rash decisions. Even I was one of them. So I had to share this article for those First time motorcycle riders so that they don’t do any silly mistakes and put their lives in danger. Scars, wounds, falls etc are the saddest part of Riding motorcycles. But Not to worry Riders, My list will Explain you almost everything in detail. This is not a difficult thing mentioned in this list. If you are a first time motorcycle rider then you should definitely make sure of the below points. Right from purchasing till the safety it’s all mentioned here. First time motorcycle riders should first register their vehicle,take a class and then should start riding after considering this list.



Just like you Register your car, Register your bike too. It’s not at all  inconvenient. You simply have to hand over documentation, Pay amount gets the tiny license plate and you are done. Simple, right?. It is a law which you should follow to not get into law troubles and give your motorcycle your name. And if you refuse, you are not only making law officers unhappy but also putting you and your motorcycle into trouble. Do you want to get into a hassle? No, Right? then riders without fail register your bike. The most important and foremost step, before riding your lovely motorcycle.


Riding Motorcycle is not just like experimenting some food which you can listen or watch videos and prepare. These are two different things. The riding skills do not come naturally. You have to learn. Take proper Training from learning Foundation. Don’t listen to those who say that that you just need a bike and then you will automatically learn just with some basics. This is not a cycle dude! Remember Your purpose of Riding Bike “FUN”, then why are you putting your life into danger. Fun and killing Yourself are two different things. Take proper training.


Another, Really important rule to keep your law officers happy. Getting a license is not difficult by the way.
Some people may advise you to not bother about the driving license, which is so not right. Why is following simple laws so difficult? Just go ahead for it. These laws are enforced to make our lives better. Do not continue with the learner’s permit. Getting the learner’s permit will take the same effort as getting the license. Then why not go for license?. Please be a responsible citizen. Happy Riding!.


Insurance is the most ignored part. You buy a costly bike. But why are you not insured? Insurance companies do not ask for a lot. A little penny which is a way less than your life. Damage to the Bikes is bearable, but any damage to you is not bearable. Right?. You can call Insurance agent or use a comparison site to choose the best suiting plan for you. You don’t have to spend days thinking on which plan you should consider. Just a few searches you can find out yourself.


Different states have different Laws. Whenever you go anywhere you need to find out the local laws which are followed by the motorcyclists. For example in some states helmets are not required or are only worn by those under 17 or 17 age. While some states say only one mirror is required. So you need to find out what are the local rules.  But if helmets are not required then they may have an alternative for that. For example, glasses to protect eyes. So now you know how different laws and requirements are for motorcyclists. Learn them.


Sometimes your first bike is a used bike. Maybe because of price or any other reason. So it is very much important to check your Bike. Check whether the Bike is mechanically sound or no. Even if it is not a used one still bike maintenance is very important. Below are some things you should look for:


1.Check tires- You need to be very careful when it comes to tires. Since your life is on that rubber. Do not ignore any thing which can damage your tires. Any cut, leaks, screws, glass etc can damage your tire. Spin the wheels and thoroughly check. Also, check the air pressure.


tread- Your tire tread will keep you safe, check whether that your bike has enough. Replace wear bars when required.


3.Check all the lights if they are working or no.


It is extremely important to wear the proper gear. Like a cheap bike Do not go for inexpensive gear. I know safety gear may not look cool all the time. But it will protect you from exposing your brain to asphalt. I would repeat Bike is not important than you. Gearing up need not to be so expensive. You can buy jacket, gloves, helmet etc this will at least save your hospital bills. Isn’t it?. I am not trying to scare you Just trying to save you. And that is most important. Everyone should buy safety gear but since the First time Motorcycle Riders are newbies and know less about your bikes, special care should be taken.


Adjusting Car mirrors are possible without a wrench but it is not the case for Motorcycles. So you need to check the  positioning before you start riding. Adjust the mirrors in such a way that you are able to see around to the maximum. It’s simple!. You can easily adjust it. Sit on the center stand and if not point the bike straight ahead. Hold the front brake lever and adjust as per your necessity.


First time motorcycle Riders, while you are in the first month of driving think everything can hit you. No No, I am not scaring you. You just need to understand the facts that can protect you. Just try to be defensive. Don’t be overconfident. Pay attention on the road. Scan ahead and drive beyond traffic. Make sure that there is no construction work going on or lane merge up etc. Look at every corner ,I also mean alleys, gas station,parking lots etc. Do not panic if someone suddenly switches the lanes. You can use signal /signs or thumb to prevent any clash. If you can see someone from mirror even others can see.


In the first month drive slow. I am not saying don’t enjoy. Enjoy as much as you want. Who said riding safe is not fun. Be careful and safe. that’s it!. In the first six months do not go for very long drives. Understand your bike in this period. The first time Motorcycle Riders make sure you follow all the things mentioned above.
Wear safety gear.
Know your estimated MPG and fuel capacity.
Pick footwear as per climate and roads.


I hope this article was useful for you!



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