Top Seven places to visit – India at its best

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Well, I know Listing the top Seven Places of Incredible India is quite a difficult job. There are so many places in India, no let me correct it!.  There are so many beautiful and amazing places in India but Since I had to Bring  the Best for you Here are the top seven places to visit in India.



1.Lonar Crater Lake, Maharashtra

Lonar Crater Lake, Maharashtra

 Beauty is not always in the mountains and hills. The statement will be clear to you when you will visit Lonar Crater Lake, Maharashtra. Just 90 kilometers away from Mumbai, the crater is the third largest in the world. Trekking down the lake is a must there ,but you have to be cautious as you can step on a snake. You will find a large number of flora and fauna like Bamboo, Teak, Deer, Peacock, Langur Monkeys and Snakes

2.Nohkalikai Falls, Cherrapunji

Nohkalikai Falls, Cherrapunji

 The wettest place on the earth, Cherrapunji, will make you surprised with its tallest waterfall in India. You cannot escape away from the natural beauty of the popular place of Meghalaya. The reason why this place is known as ‘Nohkalikai’ is once a woman jumped from the top that left her insane. The falls will win your heart if you will travel in monsoon.

3.Matheran Hill Station, Maharashtra

Matheran Hill Station, Maharashtra

 One of the smallest Hill Stations in India, Matheran Hill Station is beautifully on the Western Ghats range. Sunrise and Sunset from here is worth watching. What makes this hill station more impressive is that vehicles are banned here that makes this awesome place more peaceful.

4.Lambasingi, Andhra Pradesh

Lambasingi, Andhra Pradesh

Being one of the hottest tourist destinations in India, Lambasingi is situated above 1000 meters from sea level. In fact, it is the only place in Southern India where snowfall occurs mostly during December- January. Good news for Kashmir fans is that this small village is known as Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh. Drive through the peaceful roads of Lambasingi to get the best pleasure of the place. A must visit!

5.Tea Gardens and Valley, Munnar

Tea Gardens and Valley, Munnar

Munnar, completely covered with tea plantations, is located in a South Western state of Kerala. The place is purely a nature beauty and for all those who loves to be in a peace.

Do enjoy this beautiful place with your friends or family at least once in your life. 

6.Tawang Town, Arunachal Pradesh

Tawang Town, Arunachal Pradesh

It is rightly said that ‘the best things in life are for free.’  Watching a natural beauty with your loved ones is far relaxing than going in malls. A must visit place in North East; Tawang will leave you speechless for few minutes. It is one of the most peaceful and magnificent hill stations of India. Lofty clouds, tremendous view of the mountains makes this hill station an icing on the cake.

7.Key Monastery, Himachal Pradesh

Key Monastery, Himachal Pradesh



A Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Himachal Pradesh is located close to the Spiti River. It has a collection of ancient murals and books with Buddha it. Located at an altitude of 4166 meters above sea level, this renowned monastery had around 100 monks in 1855. It is a worth watching place with a beautiful nature around it.

So,these are the top seven places You should definitely visit in India.



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