Vaastu shastra -Meaning and Benefits

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Vaastu Shastra-MEANING

It is the ancient Indian science of architecture. It is the science which deals with construction of your house. Vaastu Shastra brings happiness and prosperity. Vaastu started out with the construction rules for Hindu temples. Soon residential houses, office buildings, vehicles, sculpture, paintings, furniture, etc  also started construction keeping in mind Vaastu Shastra  If the house is designed with Vaastu Shastra then the construction is not only scientific, but also spiritual. The Five elements that made the universe are earth, water, fire, air and space were well known by ancient philosophers and by studying the nature philosophers have come up with this discipline of Vaastu Shastra. It’s a come back trend. May it be fashion, furniture, muhurthams, grah pravesh, while buying a house, interior decor etc. Now, People Know how  important  Vaastu is  and how it helps in every aspect of life.  According to the survey, across 8 major cities in the country, we found that over 90% of home buyers preferred a house that was Vastu-compliant. Surprisingly, there were even ready to compromise the size and design of the house just to make it as per Vaastu and Fengshui. Nowadays pandits are offering a combination for both. These two ancient sciences have a solution for almost anything.


  1. It creates proper balance between 5 elements of  the universe will create harmony in your life
  2. The structure of the house is such that positive energy will override the negative energy.
  3. Those who live or work in Vaastu Compliant Places are generally happy  and successful with their surroundings because they get maximum benefits from the Positive Environment.
  4. It is logically not possible to make your house 100% vaastu compliant. You will definitely miss some or the other point. But at least make it to that extend so that it brings prosperity in your life
  5. Vaastu tries to fulfill all the desires of an Individual like Health, Wealth and Prosperity.
  6. It provides us with  cosmic energy in abundance. In other words Vaastu Shastra brings Health, Wealth and Prosperity.


VAASTU TIPS (general tips)

*Before making any changes in your house make sure you are aware of the logic behind it.*

  • Never keep any broken mirror, electrical gadgets idle in your house.
  • The kitchen should never be in front of your main door.
  • Do not construct kitchen  bathroom next to puja room.
  • The safe should open towards north or the east.
  • The toilet seat should be long the north south axis.
  • keep image of gajalaxmi at the main door.
  • Clean your floor with some sea salt, it will remove all negative energy.
  • Grow a tulsi or basil plant in front of your house.
  • Do not grow cactus inside the boundary of the house.
  • Elderly  people are comfortable in south west corner.
  • Accept money with five fingers, if you accept it with two fingers you are cutting down the inflow of money.
  • The door bell should be soothing and pleasant,replace it if it is too loud and too dull.
  • In office,never sit with owner back facing main door.
  • Never put a mirror in front of the bed or attached. If you have it then cover it at night to avoid bad dreams.
  • The overhead water tank should be in south or south west direction.



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