Warning: These 13 signs shows that you are a Facebook addict

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facebook addict


Facebook has become a very important part of our life. Sharing posts, commenting, posting photos, etc. Have become part of our routine. And of course, I should not forget to thank WiFi and 3G network who has made this even easier.Accessibility and ease of using Facebook anywhere have made people even more addictive. However, anything in excess can ruin your life. When you start using Facebook to the extreme level and when it starts interfering your personal life, that’s when the real problem begins.

Here are some signs of Facebook addiction, you should take note of:

Sign of Facebook addict

#1. If you are neglecting your sleep just to stay on Facebook in spite of the tiring day, then Facebook may be a compulsion for you. You are a Facebook addict.

#2. If you care too much about your Facebook reputation. Do you get worried about any negative comment and immediately delete it? Do you delete updates/ photos/ post which doesn’t get like? Then You are obsessed with Facebook fame game

#3. You want to update Facebook with every single event. You want to report Facebook about the thoughts going in your mind, the most personal information and may even sometimes regret after posting something. But, still want to continuously report Facebook.

#4. You spend a lot of time on Facebook (more than an hour). However, it is quite difficult to state the exact time.

#5. Do you get really get anxious after posting? Are you desperate for the likes? You go crazy for making friends? if yes, you are a Facebook addict.if yes, you are a Facebook addict.

#6. You put a lot of effort to click a perfect picture for your profile picture. Seriously! You are a Facebook addict.

#7. Facebook is a social network for connecting people. Walls are for posting. But when if you start using it like a diary then you are probably a Facebook addict.

#8. You brought a nice dress, or had a haircut for the profile picture.

#9. When posting status becomes the most exciting part of the day. When you are a Facebook addict, you would rather choose an online life over reality.

#10. You completely lose your ability to spell and follow the basic rules of English. For example- You use “your” instead of “you’re”.

#11. When you think it’s a dating site.

Some people continuously write on other people’s timeline and tell them about their feelings. Warning: You can be blocked for this.

#12. Facebook is the place you find happiness. You want to check in from everywhere you have been. It is your best pastime. You ignore work because of Facebook.

#13. If you have checked Facebook while you were reading this, shows Facebook compulsion. See, you couldn’t even read one full article without checking your phone!

Facebook addict

Even if you try and still don’t get over it, is a major concern. Put Facebook away for a while and experience the real (offline) world. Meet friends, interact face to face, have fun without checking in, Look weird, go crazy with no worries about the profile picture and online image. However, if you know the reason why you are so addicted to Facebook then it might be more effective to deal with it. For example- Loneliness, family issues, less confidence etc. Once you know the reason you can accordingly work on it. That’s when change can begin in a positive way.



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