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What makes you a fashionista? Which fashion tips for girls are important?  Let begin by saying that finding your personal fashion style is about getting to know you. There are no fixed points on what makes you a Fashionista or a list of fashion tips for girls.


Yeah so hi to you (yes you, the person who’s reading this), I am Sumelika and I have a fashion and lifestyle blog which is going to complete one year next month. Even though I have always dressed well, I was never a Fashionista. Only after I started writing my blog and started experimenting with my style, I believe I have come to a point where I can be called a Fashionista (still in the process of learning every day). Therefore, it’s quite flattering, but still takes some time to believe when someone calls me a Fashionista. Anyways the whole point of telling you all this (Apart from introducing myself and promoting my blog :P) is that while some people are born Fashionistas, most people learn and evolve. Therefore, anybody can be a Fashionista. There’s hope for all. All you need is the love and passion for fashion and some words of wisdom to push you in the right direction. Well, there is no fixed set of points saying what can make you a Fashionista but below points will help.


The first thing you need to keep in mind is the three Cs of fashion (Fashion tips for girls) which are pretty much interlinked with each other:

Fashion tips for girls


1. Comfort:


The number one “C” every girl should keep in mind. This is my Number 1 point when I talk about fashion Tips for girls. It’s very important to feel comfortable in what you are wearing. Just because someone else is wearing something and looking great in it ,doesn’t mean you have to wear it even when you don’t feel comfortable. Fashion doesn’t mean you have to reveal your body or do anything that doesn’t feel right.
You don’t really have to wear the booty shorts or color your hair blonde or get a tattoo or a piercing done to look great. People do it because they want to and that’s the reason they look great in them. You can look great in your own way. Do not force yourself into anything.
Let me give you an example. I love chokers. They are like the best piece of accessories I have come across. But I don’t feel comfortable wearing it for too long. It literally chokes me. So I don’t wear them much. Even though they are my favorites.
Same goes for the really high, high heels. Can’t wear them for too long. So if I am going somewhere that requires me to walk a lot or dance, I’ll wear flats or block heels, wedges or not that  high heels.


2. Confidence:


You need to be really confident. Not only about the outfit you are wearing but also about yourself. Your body and your skin. You should love yourself no matter what and be proud of the person you are. If you feel beautiful you will look beautiful.


3. Carrying yourself:


You must know how to carry yourself. Your body language, the way you talk or interact is very important. If you have the right attitude you can even rock a simple t-shirt and look like a complete diva in it.

So now that we are done with it, we are already a half Fashionista. 

What makes you a Fashionista


1. Get inspired

Get inspired

It’s very smart to do your research before you work on something. So you should read fashion blogs and magazines, subscribe to fashion brands and shops, browse their collection, go out for a walk in the mall and do as much window shopping as possible, stay updated with runway fashion. You can even look around and find inspiration from your friends, family members or even random strangers on the streets.


2. Incorporate them into your personal style


2. Incorporate them into your personal style


After you are done with your research, think about different ways you can use them as a part of your personal style. Remember, you can’t just follow a trend blindly. You need to have your own personal style. Your personal style should reflect the person you are from inside. Fashion is a creative way to express yourself. That’s what makes you unique and stand out from the crowd. That’s what makes you a Fashionista.


3. Get Creative:


Get Creative:


The best fashion tips for girls list would be incomplete if I don’t mention this point.
Fashion is an art, your body is your canvas and the clothes are your paint. So you have the freedom to create whatever masterpiece you want to. What’s common in all Fashionistas is that everyone loves to experiment. It might go wrong but only when you experiment you learn something new. So don’t be afraid to mix and match and create your own style.


4. Fashion is for all:


 Fashion is for all:


You don’t have to be rich to be a Fashionista. I am a student and I don’t earn. So it feels bad to ask from parents all the time. They always get me everything I want but still I don’t want them to keep spending so much on me. So I would suggest buy from anywhere possible. A brand is just a tag. While some things like lingerie should be bought from good brands, but clothes and shoes are pretty good at local stores or online. In fact the quality is good only and they undoubtedly meet the required trend quotient. Also, learn to play up with your old clothes. Styling them differently can bring an entirely different look to your outfit. And also don’t forget about SALE. They are the best time to shop.


5. Keep a lot of staple pieces in your wardrobe:


Keep a lot of staple pieces in your wardrobe


A pair of blue and black jeans and shorts, some solid color t-shirts, denim dresses with zipper or button in front so that you can wear it as a shrug. The best thing about staples is that you can style them with so many things. You can never get enough of them. You’ll never want to get rid of them.


6. Keep some statements too:


Keep some statements too


Statement pieces are so cool they can completely change the look of an outfit. Invest in some statement jewelry pieces or bags or shoes. Staples and statements compliment each other and this is one of the biggest hacks for all Fashionista.


7. Know a little bit of makeup:


  Know a little bit of makeup


You should know the basic of makeup at least. Your makeup and hairstyle is very important to bring out the beauty of your outfit. So learn to do the basics. YouTube is a great source of learning how to do makeup. In fact, whatever I know is from YouTube.


8. A healthy lifestyle


 A healthy lifestyle


It’s very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You should eat right, exercise on a daily basis, take care of your skin, hair and body. If you love yourself you should learn to take care of your body. A great outfit will go unnoticed if you look sick or dull.


9. Do it if you are happy


Do it if you are happy


It’s okay not to be a Fashionista. In fact, it doesn’t matter at all. It’s a personal choice. Because, You can be awesome anyway.


10. And lastly, Okay, this is very important of all, follow My Not-So-Secret Diary. That’s my blog.
LOL.I was just kidding.


Lots of love to you all upcoming Fashionistas.

Sumelika Das

Hey everyone. I am Sumelika from the city of joy. Well I am basically a doctor (in the making) but I always had a secret dream of being a blogger. So right now I am both. Woohoo 😀 Gypsy soul, passionate shopaholic, Crazy about Shah Rukh Khan, Biryani lover, Day dreamer, Professional bathroom singer, Miss happy-go-lucky and the ultimate drama queen. Yup that's me. My Not-So-Secret Diary is my little world, an outlet for everything I love or feel. So welcome to my world and join me in my journey!! Cheers 😀

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