What makes you a gypsy soul- The journey begins here Blame it on my gypsy soul

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A gypsy soul is an independent and free spirited individual in search of something in life. They are prone to wandering. A Gypsy soul loves to travel and is the most wandering people. Going from one place to another, exploring cultures and discovering the world in a number of ways starts a fire within them.

I have tried to explain all the points with gypsy soul quotes.

Are you possessing a gypsy soul? Find out here.

#1. Wondering about the future
You always wonder what your next destination would be. But the same time you have no worries. You are so damn excited to see what life has for you, that you hardly waste your time worrying. And, the best part is that you accept what life brings to you and are courageous in the face of uncertainties.

Gypsy soul quotes

#2. Free spirit
Oh, gypsy soul follows their intuition and heart. You seldom care about people and rules don’t apply to you!. A gypsy soul easily breaks them. You do what you feel right and won’t be held down by anything or anyone.
Don’t you relate to this, gypsy souls?

Gypsy soul quotes

#3.Constantly looking for an adventure/something new and exciting
Even while you are peeping outside the window you would be looking for an adventure. You don’t belong to one place. And can easily get bored in a place so you constantly look out for a new adventure or new friend, place trip, skill to learn etc. You are extremely passionate towards life and can’t wait to experience it.

Gypsy soul quotes

“Spiritual freedom embodies a liberated soul, release it all…just let go!” Melanie Moushigian Koulouris.


#4. Believes in fantasies and magic
You are highly driven by fantasies. Being a gypsy soul you believe in miracles from the universe and are vowed by fairy tales. Since you are more futuristic you hope for some miracles and surprises of life. Don’t you feel the same?

Gypsy soul quotes

#5. In touch with their emotions, but often emotionally reactive
You are bold but at the same time emotional. A gypsy soul is a happy soul and so doesn’t stress about things, but a gypsy soul is an extremely emotional person.

Extremely passionate about things you do the people you love. Also, you might even give a second chance to someone who has hurt you. Even you are not passionate about something you will keep looking for it until you find it.

Gypsy soul quotes
#6. You prefer to live a life to the rhythm of your own drums
The beauty of life for the gypsy soul comes in the liberty to dance in the rain, sing in the starry night, climb high mountains, chilling on the beach and belongs to nowhere. You enjoy the boundless freedom. You cannot be tied down. Gypsy soul enjoys things differently and accepts the fact. You don’t want to change yourself. And, that is a good thing. Creating your own path and following it is what you do.

Gypsy soul quotes

#7. Spiritual

You have a wider picture of life. Gypsy souls main aim in life is to find peace and love in life. You are filled with positivity and thus the spiritual side of your personality is so sparkly.  In addition, what you see is a way different from what others see.

To the Gypsy Soul, true freedom comes in knowing that when you don’t belong anywhere: everywhere and everything becomes home.



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Purba Chakraborty (@Manchali_Purba)

Lovely article. I am surely a gypsy soul as all the points match with me 🙂