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WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging service in the world wit over a billion users. WhatsApp Web for desktop allows you to use the app easily from your web browser with full-size viewing message screen support, a keyboard, and a mouse by connecting your smartphone to the computer.

In this post, you can use your WhatsApp from your desktop with few easy steps and get the same experience as the mobile app on your desktop.

WhatsApp web




Supports all the major web browser such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Opera.


The smartphone which supports whatsApp web app are Android, iPhone 8.1+, Windows Phone version 8.0 and above, Blackberry, Symbian series like Nokia s60 and s40.

You can use WhatsApp from your desktop in two ways either by using WhatsApp Web from your browser or by downloading the WhatsApp Desktop App for your computer.

First, we will learn how to use WhatsApp Web:

Download any web browser listed above.
Visit link web.whatsapp.com
You will get a QR code.

whatspp scan

Open WhatsApp on your smartphone and tap on the Menu option (three dots on the top right on Android devices)

whatsapp desktop

Scan the QR code and done!

whatsapp web
You will be able to view all your WhatsApp messages on your browser as WhatsApp Web synchronizes your browser to WhatsApp messenger.

Another way to connect your WhatsApp from your desktop is by using the WhatsApp desktop app:

Download the app from www.whatsapp.com/download/ for mac or windows version

whatsapp download

Run the .exe file.
Open the app and you will get a QR code.
Scan the QR with the help of scanning options and done!
You can now view all your WhatsApp messages on your WhatsApp desktop app.


WhatsApp on your smartphone needs to be connected to the internet all the time as WhatsApp uses your mobile data to synchronize between your browser/desktop app and your smartphone app. It uses your phone’s data to send and receive messages. Hence, your session will be active as long as your phone internet is active. It is therefore recommended to connect your smartphone with a WiFi connection to avoid constant use of cellular data.

The user experience on your desktop is same as your mobile app. You can communicate by starting a private chat or a group chat and share files and attachments from your desktop.

So, with these simple steps, you can easily connect your WhatsApp to your desktop.

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